Question about Hair Removers - Epilators

NewYorkGardenerJuly 28, 2003

Just wondering what peoples experiences have been with epilators like Epilady and the like. I was just browsing and noticed a lot of different brands. Really interested in these as they seem easier than waxing but as effective. Any opinions?

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I have been using Epilady for years; combined with regular waxing..... In the summer, if I don't have time to let the growth come in for waxing, I clean up with epilady. It can be painful on coarse hair because it pulls the root of the hair, my leg hair is soft and weak because I've been having it waxed for the longest time.

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Has anyone waxed under their arms? I do my legs and bikini but have been to chicken to try my underarms. Is it worse then say, legs?

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I have course underarm hair, I have to exfoliate before I shave and even then there is still a shadow, almost like you can see the hair folicles underneath...

Waxing armpits is a nightmare, its super painful, doesn't get all the hair cause they grow in many directions there. It gets really irritated there and usually some bleeding when the hair is pretty stubborn and has to be ripped out. I've been to many different salons to get armpits waxed and its always the same. The absolute worst is the more classy salons when they see that the wax didn't get all the hair they start plucking at you ... even if you're in tears, swollen and sore. They think they are doing you a favor ... I like the hole in the wall places where they don't look at you like your crazy if you say don't pluck me!

I have no prob with arms or legs, in fact, legs is least painful.

Mitchdesj, thanks for the info ...

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Yikes, I don't think I'll be waxing my underarms anytime soon!

I agree legs are least painful. Bikini is no barrel of monkeys however.

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all that, so you can get ingrowns two weeks later?

thank you all for reminding my why I stopped fighting my mammalian nature.

I might shave once in a while, and I pluck the10 stray hairs that mess with the line of my brows-

but the idea of pulling my hair out on a regular basis gives me the willies.

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