Botox Cremes

Nonnie_GAJuly 16, 2004

A lady Plastic Surgeon was on The View today and was talking about a non-surgical way of reducing wrinkles and firming up the face. She advised that StriVectin-SD was a good botox face creme that really worked. I also went on Google and found a site called Product Watch who tested different products and listed three of them. The top one was Avotox which rated 9.8 out of 10.0 and StriVectin-SD rated 9.0. Each of these cremes are expensive but a lot less than surgery. The Avotox had a 60-day Return Policy. Has anyone tried either of these products and, if so, are they worth the money?

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Nonnie, I am pregnant and have had to stop getting Botox injections so I am trying Strivectin creme. It does help but nowhere near what real Botox does. If you try it buy it from a store with a good return policy.

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I've used Strivectin and there has been a definite erasing of some of my crows feet and wrinkles in my cheeks. I found a less expensive version, Strixaderm advertised in the newspaper from AMS Marketing (I think) 3 tubes for about 160. I seem to remember that there was no time limit on your guarantee but I'm not returning it. I also use Avon Clinical Wrinkle corrector which is a very nice moisturizer cream. I'm over 70 and people are always asking me where I work. Wish I could find something that lubricates my bones better.

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