Microdermabrasion Therapy

barbbJuly 31, 2003

I was just wondering if anyone has had this procedure done and if so what you thought of the results. Thanks so much for your information.


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I've had four treatments so far at a doctor's office and I'm very pleased. I also use AHA 20%. There are very subtle changes on deep wrinkles, depends on how much sun damage you have but definitely improved. If you want to stay ahead of the ageing you have to keep exfoliating any way you can, eat fish and green vegs, avoid sugar and stay out of the sun, etc,etc. Wish I knew that 50 years ago.

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Hi Terrapots,

Thanks so much for your answer. I haven't done anything about it yet, but we do have a salon in the area which offers this as one of their treatments. I did receive a private reply from another gal who said she didn't see any results from the many treaments she had. Guess it all depends on the skin's condition and what your expectations are.

As far as staying ahead of aging 'fraid it's a little late for that, but I'd sure like to preserve what I have left.

Thanks again, Terrapots, for you help and think I'll give it a try---I mean what have I got to lose except perhaps some $$$$$.


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I note microdermrasion term is used for a variety of methods. There are some that are done using crystals with a vibrator, many of which you can do yourself. They sell this at Sally's for about $40. I had mine done in a dermatologist's office and they use like an abraiding tool with a vacuum. A series of six treatments costs around $400 where I go. Also the esthetician who did them encouraged me to continue to use the 20% AHA at the same time so the treatments would be more effective. Good luck with whatever you try.

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