Canadian bank of Commerce bowl identification

rolismeAugust 29, 2012


I am reaching out to the community for help in identifying this strange bowl I have. It says "The Canadian Bank of Commerce" in a circle logo that has what appears to be a medical symbol of sorts. It also has a dual screen type attachement. It appears to be silver, turning black, but the inside is turning green (indicating copper, from my understanding).

What I am interested is any information about exactly what kind of bowl this is, what it was for, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a link to the pictures I have of it:


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First of all, get some good silver polish like Wrights or international or Werners....and clean that up!

Just a guess, but It could be a bowl for flower displays at the Canadian Bank of Commerce.....but that doesn't explain the cadeusis.
Hmmm...? The wire thing like like it was meant to hold flowers and the worn spot in the bottom supports this idea.

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Found this web page that will explain the logo.

So your bowl is probably before 1908. I could see that all shined up filled with flowers sitting on the reception counter or the bank president's desk.

Where did you find this bowl?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the replies. I agree that it looks like it would be good for flowers.

Thank you for the link, now I know what the symbol means. This has been passed down in the family, the earliest anyone living can remember seeing it was in the early 70's. The family "legend" I heard is that it came from someone's farm house in Manitoba around 1971. But no one really knows.

I like it, but I am scared of wrecking it by polishing it. Anyone think t is worth it to go get it appraised? Value is not all that important as I have no plans to sell it, but it would be nice to have an idea. Also, it might make me rethink keeping it in an old dusty box in the basement.

Thank you.

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It's a lovely flower bowl but an electroplated piece is rarely worth appraisal; other than rare pieces of outstandig provenance or sentimental reasons, the value is relatively low. Polishing silver does not wreck it - it's doubtful the bank used it in a tarnished state. Just please don't dip it with TarneX or some other miracle cleaner - that's the stuff that can ruin it. Take LindaC's advice on the polishing.

Polish it, put flowers in it, and enjoy!

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It may have been a gift to large depositors, a prize or used as bank decor. Very pretty.

The screen is to help in arranging flowers. Stick the stems through the mesh.

Find a glass or plastic bowl that will fit inside the silver one (they usually came with the set, but often got broken) to protect it from corroding, and enjoy it.

Or use silk flowers in it.

Pile pine cones in it for the holidays.

But use it and enjoy it.

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And forheavensake get it out of that box in the basement. Silver stored in cardboard tarnishes fast because of the chemicals in the cardboard.
Wash it in hot soapy water and then while it's still wet, rub it with a silver polish....rinse and perhaps repeat.

I usually use Wrights (but this time I bought Warner's...accidentally, the jar looked the same as Wrights) and it actually makes suds....wet the sponge and just wash the silver.

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Makes sense coming from Manitoba.. CIBC moved from Ontario to the big city of Winnipeg in 1880.. Whether you have some long lost relative who worked at the bank who knows. It could of been picked up at an auction, flea market, 2nd hand store, garage sale any time in the 70's or earlier..

I have a silver tray that was presented to a BMO bank employee back in the day. I found mine in a Church Thrift shop for $2. I polish it occasionally and use it in one of my B&B rooms as a tray for water,ice, and glasses. I'm sure when my kids have to go through my stuff they will wonder what the hell was Mom thinking ? LOL

Bottom line is polish it up according to Linda's suggestion, find a glass bowl for the inside if you want to do the fresh flower idea or find a bunch of silk flowers & enjoy it!!

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