Any info on these glasses?

valmont325August 23, 2012

I know these have the Fleur-de-lis on them. But i bough these at an auction and just curious if anyone knows an info. Usual stuff. Year, Maker, Value. Its a mix of sizes.

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I think they are just run of the mill bar glasses......worth....$5?

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Yes, they are not unusual. Mostly you see glasses like these advertised as mid-century modern and they leave it at that. Looks like you have a good number of them, and they might appeal to retro-look collectors. I know I have found similar sets tucked away on my parent's storage shelves in the basement. Put away because they are still nice, but a little dated.

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Fori is not pleased

They aren't dated for football season (regionally dependent of course) or Mardi Gras!

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The 1 laying down in center left of pic is Libby's "silver leaves" I think it's called.Duh, also had gold leaves& that's what they were called! I got 2 sets for wedding gifts in 1963. They had juice glasses,tall skinny glasses & couple of other ones as they went well with the platinum edged china that was also popular in the 60's. I think you could get them with S&H green stamps but am not sure on that. I think I replaced some after the Sylmar quake in 70's. I still see them at TS's from time to time. Haven't seen the rest of those so maybe more of a regional thing or grocery store sets you could get 1 at a time.

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I think they'd make fantastic jelly glasses for gifts :-)

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