Antique piano sound plate

SarahCobbAugust 23, 2014

I have an antique piano sound plate. It has patent dates from 1874. I was given this piece of metal for scrap but before I turn it over to the junkyard, I want to know if this piece would be special to anyone.

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How big is it, what's it made of, & how much does it weight??

Back in late 60's Dad bought a Lester player piano from a co-worker... maybe $25, iirc? Can't remember HOW it was ever put in our basement? It didn't have any of the player "guts", was NOT anywhere near playing condition... we just played around with it. I'm sure it's old enough to have actual EBONY & IVORY keys, tho badly beat up. When we cleared out Dad's house, I (can't believe) paid abut 10 TIMES that amount to have it hauled about 40-50 miles to my house. It has been living exactly where the mover guys put it... over 20 years ago!?! Imagine the dust "wolverines" behind/under THAT hulk!! Have inexpensive speakers sitting inside the box that sound GREAT coming out.

I've thought about trying to disassemble it, piece by piece to get to what LOOKS like a brass?? plate that runs the whole width of piano... where all those wires attach. I don't know is it goes all the way to the floor (probably a good 4').

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Piano "plates" (actually called the harp) are cast iron, finished with gold paint usually. On some early grands and square grands, the plate can be inlaid with mother of pearl and be very decorative. They were sometimes ornamented with pinstriping/filigrees, and painted scenes or still lifes. If it has decorative value, it could be worth a little more than scrap. If it is from a significant piano (like a Steinway or Mason & Hamlin grand) and _not cracked_, it could have value to a piano restorer looking for a particular harp, but what are the odds?
If it's from a no-name upright, it's scrap.

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