Thinning hair

hayden2239July 18, 2006

Anyone have any tried and true remedies for thinning hair?

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Hi -
I've been taking 1000 mcg. of Biotin daily for several weeks and have noticed a difference. The crown area of my scalp is so thin to the point that you can see through to my scalp if my hair isn't worn curly on top or blown to the side. My hair has started growing in the front where I had virtually no hair. I've 46 and female and just disgusted with this problem. I've also used the generic form of Minoxidil. The only thing is really does is make my hair grow, but doesn't seem to fill in the areas where I have hair loss. I really hope my info has helped. Let me know how it goes. I feel for you. Best of luck, Julie

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Thanks, jewel. WIll try the Biotin. Was really disgusted with Dr. I saw. Said" its not stress, its just one of those things. Can't help you"
Why do they make the big bucks!?!?! I have been watching this since I was about 45, am now 50, and I'm getting scared. It helped that to begin with I had extremely thick hair, so its just now getting to the noticable stage.

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I too asked my internist who said my hair loss is due to stress. I've also asked a dermatologist who said I have androgenetic alopecia. My siblings and my mom do not have this problem at all. I'm so frustrated and know exactly how you feel. Please let me know if the biotin helps you at all. At least it's cheap. Good luck.

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Did the Dr. check your thyroid level? Low thyroid causes thinning hair right above the forehead and on the eyebrows, cold hands & feet, dry skin, weight gain and fatigue. Thyroid hormone replacement pills can reverse all of that.

Biotin helps hair and nails grow faster and stronger. I take 500 mcg daily and have noticed much improvement.

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petl, thanks for the suggestion about the thyroid, I've been on thyroid replacement for about 5 years now. So, thats under control.
I've started taking the biotin, will see if that helps.

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I started taking a multi-B and C vitamin about 20 years ago. My hair and nails grow very fast.

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The vitamin will make your hair grow faster and maybe thicker but not more of it. I've used Follicure shampoo and conditioner and I had a lot of new hair growing in. This was great until my hairdresser used dye twice in one day and noticed a lot of hair was gone again. She did make the comment when I came in that my hair looked fuller. She was mum when I left.

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My hair isnt thinning,but very fine.Nioxin is meant for thinning,fine or flat hair.
It's a 3 step system shampoo,conditioner,and scalp treatment/spray.
My hair has never,EVER been this thick in my whole life! Not only does it plump hair from the inside,it puts your scalp in optimum conditions to grow hair with natural ingrediants like BIOTIN,rosemary and mint that stimulate the scalp.
I have been using it about a two months now,and my hair has grown alot!
I also take biotin vitamins,soy (anything with protein helps),vitamin C and fish oil that contains omega fatty acids that are good for hair.
I hope this helps! Ladies,try the Nioxin,it is wonderful!

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There are several studies which indicate that soy has very good effect on thinning hair. It has alot of protein,and has isoflavones which mock that of estrogen.So if thinning is due to a hormonal imbalance,it could certainly help.

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