Do you wear underwear?

hamsterJuly 30, 2007

Just thought I would throw this out there...Let's take a survey. I could never find panties that felt good...always seams showing, etc. So I went to a thong and tried that for @ a year thinking I would get used to the wedgie, but never did. So @ a year ago I just quit and feel very liberated! I only wear them when I wear a skirt/dress. Meridith Veire has said for sometime she doesn't so I thought I would give it a try. Love it love it!

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Put me in the as little as I can list.
I hate them.. hate the way they rub on my leg and the way they pull and the lines and the.. ok.. now that we established that I hate them.. No. Not even with a skirt, or in a house with a mouse.. Wait that is a different story. BTW, I spent the last 4 decades trying to keep my swimsuit and panties from getting in a wad.. Im NOT going to intentionally put a thong in their place. lol Good topic.

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If by underwear, you mean panties, then no. I do however work in an office job and wear pantyhose every day. I don't wear panties because with pantyhose, I find wearing panties to be kind of redundant. Also there're no pantylines that way. And before the anti-pantyhose comments come flooding in, I'm 27 years old and feel naked without them. Besides, I feel more attractive wearing pantyhose with a skirt than if I were bare legged. Just my two cents...

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I must agree 100% with lanner. I too have an office job and wear pantyhose every day and I too find it redundant wearing panties with the pantyhose. Who needs to deal with pantylines anyway. I also feel much more attractive wearing pantyhose than without....

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I hatehatehate panties. I have only about one pair that behaves decently (not creeping around). But I am a big chicken about not wearing any! In a skirt, I'd feel too exposed (even though NO I WOULD NOT BE EXPOSING ANYTHING!). And with pants, especially jeans, I would think it would be a little uncomfortable? I haven't worn pantyhose for a while (I'm the one who asked the bare legs vs. pantyhose question) but I think I could probably handle no panties if I were wearing pantyhose. My daughter wears thongs and thinks they're comfortable, though.

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I gather this question was posed for the ladies but I'm gonna' step out on a limb here and respond also. Yes, I DO wear underwear for basically the same reason most women wear bras. I simply feel more comfortable suported. Now my STYLE of underwear is solely cosmetic, which I suspect is the real motivation behind this topic.
You ladies are light years ahead us brutes in the way of freedom of choice in fashion but we are finally starting to close the gap. Men are becoming more fashion conscious and are demanding more choices - especially in foundation garments. Thongs for men have become increasingly available in recent years and I am a loyal subscriber, though not exclusively. However, the most I'll ever wear is a bikini. Briefs are too confining and boxers offer no support - to me, defeating the purpose.
I reckon if my anatomy were a little different......I mean, if I had nothing to support.........Oh Geeeeez! If I were a girl I think I might also be inclined to go comando on ocassion. I imagine that must be quite liberating - even daring - in a skirt. Any other time, I'd prolly be wearing a thong. As a man, I find them quite comfortable and I don't suppose I'd feel any differently as a woman. I also like the look - again, speaking as a man - and probably would as a woman as well.
For me, to venture out sans nickers is more than a question of cosmetics. At least, though, I have a little lattitude in what I don underneath. Women have a much more viable option to go without. By all means, ladies, exercise your choice!
Alas, you truly are the fairer sex and will always hold the upper hand in beauty and fashion - which, by the way, is the best part about being a guy.


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Chessy, I say it's time to put the pantyhose back on! Then you can say goodbye to panties for good (although I admit when I'm not on the pill, I still wear them on certain days of the month :). But like I said in my bare legs vs. pantyhose post, find yourself a good brand and buy the right size, and you will notice a world of difference. They will feel very comfortable and because they are "panty"hose, you shouldn't feel exposed. They'll also make your legs look more attractive and might actually make you feel more attractive as well. As I mentioned in my other post, pantyhose make me feel quite a bit more attractive than when I'm bare legged. And also, not that your going for this (as I mentioned previously), but you may find that the guys at work "notice" you more when you are wearing pantyhose.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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Yes Chessy, start wearing pantyhose again! I cannot say it any better than lanner just did. If she and I lived in the same city we'de probably be best friends. It's not easy finding someone with the same fashion tastes these days. It seems women like us are in the minority but we know what we are talking about. Once you find yourself a good brand of pantyhose and get the right size you will find you have all kinds of choices in so far as colors, styles, and textures go. I guarantee your legs will look more attractive and you will feel great about yourself. Plus you will not have to deal with wearing panties anymore. It's your choice of course, so good luck!

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I don't with pantyhose; but the hose is washed daily so it acts as underwear.

There is the question of hygiene and odor, which no one is addressing.

I wear mostly pants; a lot of my pants are wool or a blend of other fibers and I have most of them dry cleaned, the underwear is a barrier between body and fiber, I'd hate to wear pantyhose with pants hence underwear is the washable liner.

I also wear a lot of jeans or cotton pants, which I don't necessarily wash after every use so the underwear is a barrier also.
I'll call underwear a barrier for freshness, which is why I always have a lot of them in the wash,lol....

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Please forgive me if I'm treading where I shouldn't. Just trying to help. As far as hygene, you may want to consider pressing a liner into your pant just as you would a panty. I don't recall where I got this information but it supposedly works expertly.

And I must agree with you all that hosiery does add a certain elegance to you appearance. It's a nice enhancement like blush or mascara.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thank you Mitch, for addressing that issue! I like to wear my pants and jeans several times before washing and underwear and a liner help keep them fresh.

Ok, I think going commando is gross! Maybe if giving your date a thrill is the objective, ok, for a little while, but otherwise, hygeniene, people, please!
I have Britney flashing embedded in my brain....

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I've never had a problem with the Lycra blend underwear. It is very comfortable and really hardly ever shows panty lines. What kinds of underwear are you people wearing that show lines, creep, etc? For the few times a panty line may show, I wear a thong...which takes some getting used to (I compare it to a seat belt, hard to get used to but once you do it's not that bad).

Regarding panty hose...Sorry, but I've been told by many guys throughout the years that they prefer my legs without hose (and I am not tan by any means). Nowadays, I would wear hose for ultra formal occasions, but generally, and/or unless there's a garter belt involved, I would think many men would be more attracted to bare legs in normal work attire. I really don't like the look or feel of hose even the sheer kind on my legs. Yuk! I'm so glad they aren't in fashion now. I don't think they enhance the look of legs, but rather take something away. You can't see as much of the tone or the highlighted part of the bone line in the calf as well because the hose evens everything out...leaving less definition. And, that definition is the part I think is really sexy on most woman. Obviously, I would guess at a certain age, hose maybe needed and that's fine, but heck, I really don't think that is until way later for most gals.

Really, though, if you haven't tried the lycra/spandex blended underwear, give them a try. They work wonderfully on getting rid of the panty lines and creeping experience.

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Well, I guess I am a wash and wear girl. If I am wearing dressy slacks, I will wear panties. I also use a liner that is much like a panty liner only it adheres to the jeans/slacks. That works pretty good and has the same effect. Pantyhose makes me itch all over.

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I'm a 31 yr old mom of 3 who works in an office (law firm) 4 days a week. I wear skirts most days and going commando is the norm on all but the most frigid of days or my period days. If I wear slacks I'll wear a g-string only because the material will irritate the lower regions. At home or out with hubby I never wear any. Its very comfortable and my husband loves the attention I get in the shorter skirts. I would be lying if I said I didn't like it too. Usually once or twice a year in the summer well go away for a day trip somewhere sightseeing or wine tasting (W/O the kids). On these trips I'll be in one of my shortest skirts picked out by hubby. It's a lot of fun for both of us and the get away does us a ton of good.
I think the pantyless thing is much more popular w/ women that most people think. I have two friends who pretty much do the same thing most days.

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Greetings. An interesting topic - a guys point of view on the subject for what its worth.
Havent worn underwear on a regular basis for many years - and if I have to a thong or bikini brief is about my limit.With the amazing range of fabrics, colours and styles now available for men I am almost tempted to go back wearing underwear just for the choices now available.
Cheers. Kiwilad.

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Yes, lightweight cotton.. or at the very least cotton crotch undies. I can't imagine going without & I'm in my 30's. I even wear them with opaques... When I use to do runway (years ago) we couldn't wear undies but I NEVER got use to that... ever... It was a horrible experience.

Uhmmmm do you ladies donate clothes to thrift or sell on eBay??? I don't know if I would if I went commando... Not a good thought.

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I wear t-backs, thicker than g strings from Fredricks of hollywood with pants and Im a pantyhose girl too with no panties. It seems unhealthy to waer pants with no panty

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NO! I wear bras ONLY! I NEVER WEAR PANTIES! If I wear pantyhose I cut-out the crotch. If i wear pants I MIGHT wear a liner, it depends on the material and the season of the year. Not wearing panties ANYTIME and ANYWHERE, is an extremely SENSUAL feeling. All you need is courage ladies, COURAGE.

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No hardly ever wear panties, usually only pantyhose. I find that panties ride up and I do not like vpl
That panty area of the hose makes up for my panties
also even in the office I get more compliments and attention with pantyhose on, on windy days I feel more protected with just pantyhose, so I would say girls ditgh the panties, wear 'hose alone'

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yes, i ususally wear three-dimensional embroidery lace contour bra.The amazing bra is custom-made for us. wear comfortably. and it can exert women's sexines. perfect fit for me.

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