White pants, what color undergarments?

ghattaJuly 22, 2008


I bought my first pair of white pants and they are thin twill. What color

undies do I wear in order for them NOT to show? Thongs are not an

option. Lol



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I recommend beige Spanx--not the hosiery type Spanx, but the heavier, lingerie type Spanx, 3/4 pant length--they are so comfortable and you can't see any lines at all.

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Thanks! I thought beige would be the color and I will try the Spanx.
I appreciate the help. Who knew white could be problematic?


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I agree with Spanx, the best invention for women since the tampon.

If you have a nice shape to your legs, no major cellulite or jiggling, I would try a thong even though you said no at first. I personally am past the thong point, so Spanx are my savior. You can get them pretty cheap on eBay.

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Do Spanx breathe? Are they hot in the summer? They sound kind of confining.

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Yes, they do "breathe," at least a lot more than the other shapewear I've tried. I am hot natured and haven't found them to be too hot, either, under most circumstances. What I like about them is you just forget you're wearing them and you don't worry about bumps, lumps, or what might be showing.

Here is a link to the ones I'm referring to; they are a little pricey, but I wear them several times a week, wash by hand or on delicate cycle and hang to dry and they are holding up just great.


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I buy control top nude hose and cut them off to right above my knees. This is much less expensive that spanx (which I found to roll down too much) and is a perfect soluton to the white pants dilemma. I also do this for dresses that don't require pantyhose, but where you still want the control on top from hose.

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For anyone reading who may be dark skin... wear black. It's amazing.... Even if are more honey brown... it works wonders!

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