vintage/common us mail type box / repaint it. ok or not/ where

gardurnitJuly 6, 2009

- I want to get vintage / common US MAIL type box /repaint it. OK or not/ where to get?

I 'm hoping someone has experience in obtaining this kind of item.

We've had mail stolen regularly. From what I've seen

these boxes are well built. And I figure they're inexpensive

when found in the right locations. ie Govt auciton etc.

I'm open to suggestions but don't have money to waste on something

new that has no value except to protect my mail. So I want something looking like a real mailbox.

Obviously it will be repainted so no confustion is possible as to who is using the box for what purpose. I'm in the county also on a rarely used road. Mistaken mail is very unlikely.

Where can I obtain this or something similar?


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Fleet Farm sells a mailbox that appears like the regular common sheet metal box, the one with a rounded top, but this one is different. It's called the 'Iron Box" and is made of 1/8 inch thick steel plate. It will stand up to rough use and snow plows.

However, the mail in this box is no more secure than a regular box. The door is held closed with a flat spring friction latch and anyone can swipe the contents, and the postman must completely close the door, else it may drop open later. I have one and when when different postman delivers my mail, I've had the door drop open later when he's too lazy to push the door closed. I think that he was expecting a magnetic latch. About twice a year, I lubricate the latch with white, high wax, stick lubricant (the same stuff used for auto door latches). If this is not done, the latch becomes too dry and sticky.

For more secure mail, you'll have to search out or build your own. This type works similar to the regulation boxes in front of the post office. The mail drops into a well that is too deep to reach and the box is opened by unlocking a back panel. In my neighborhood, a mailbox can be of any shape so long as it is recognizable as a mailbox. The only requirement is that the front opening of the box should be within a specified height from the roadway and a specified distance from the curb or edge of the road. My post office also specifies which side of the road the box is to be mounted. These specifications are avilable from your local post office. The mailbox should not block the view of drivers turing onto a roadway.

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