KitchenAid self clean oven Class Action Lawsuit Canada

jillybeanbboJanuary 21, 2012

I am looking for Canadian KitchenAid (Whirpool) customers

who have purchased a KitchenAid Gas Range and have experienced a problem when using the self clean function.

My KA Gas Range is inoperable for the 3rd time now after using the self clean function and I refuse to pay again for

the thermal fuse to be replaced. Replacing the fuse does not fix the problem!

I am aware of a number of class action law suits in the USA for this fault and a similar fault where the self clean function fries the entire front panel. I am in contact with a Canadian law firm with the aim of starting a class action law suit for KA customers in Canada.

Please contact me and I will send you information as it becomes available, I will also post progress updates here.

Thank you.

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good luck -

at the end of the day the attorneys will make a sizable pile of change and you'll end up with a "coupon" for $50 - $100 off of a new KA product which itself may or may not be defective and if it is the brass at KA will lie to you and tell you nothing is wrong with the product.

Better to just find another manufacturer.

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I disagree. Not with antss's fatalistic prediction, he's probably right; you will likely end up with a whole lot of doodly-squat. What I disagree with is the notion that you should just roll over and let KA screw you.

Those ovens are defective. There are FAR too many reports of self-clean cycles ending with thermal cutoff failures.

So go get 'em. And don't settle for coupons. Make them fix them, replace them, or get your money back.

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I know this might be an extreme long shot, but enough complaints to the Consumer Products Safety Division might nudge KA if the CPSD gets involved.

Here is a link that might be useful: Saferproducts

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Thanks for the encouragement mojavean!

JCWR56 thanks, that looks like a good idea. The only problem is that I am from Canada, perhaps affected customers in the USA could lobby this grup.

I received an email from another unhappy KitchenAid customer who did get a resolution
"They eventually replaced mine with a new model oven after I threatened a lawsuit.....they tried to give me the same model but I refused to accept it, eventually got the new model and made them pay for installation of it also....I have not had any problems with this new model at all...
I will never buy kitchen aid again, they were well aware of the problems that existed with that oven and that's why they discontinued it and came out with a new model, but they refused to accept responsibility for it and tried to pull the wool over the eyes of so many customers...a lot of people have emailed me saying they had the exact same problems"

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Oops! Not enough coffee this morning. Then perhaps looking to see if there's an equivalent Department in Canada to file with.

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Important update!

After reading the comments here I decided against a Class Action Law Suit and filed a claim in the Small Claims Court.
It was cheap $100 (it costs more to fix my stove after using the selfclean cycle) and easy.

I am happy to say the matter was resolved, out of court to my complete satisfaction. The terms of the agreement mean that I must not disclose what the settlement was.

If anyone in Canada needs any help getting started with the small claims process, please email me. I can help with that :)

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I am having the smae trouble and would like to know what the process was for you. Please help as I am so frustrated with Kitchenaid I could scream!

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Oh, how I wish I had found this page sooner. I set my oven to self clean yesterday and the same thing has happened. The oven failed to re-open and switch back on and on reading all the web pages it would appear that we now have a broken oven. it is only two years old and cost $2000 so as you can gather I am not a happy person. I'd welcome any feedback from anyone on the best action to take - we have been told to submit our problem to the page which we will do as well look into the small claims court but we would also consider joining any class action case as we just do not want to spend 100's on a repair when they knew this was fault or even worse spend another $2K on a new oven.

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