help identifying occupied japan mark

kathyjbJuly 6, 2009

We have a demitasse footed cup and saucer made in occupied japan. I can't find the mark on any of the "japan porcelain marks" site. I hope someone here can help. It is a circle around a square that has a line through it.

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All my Kovels' New Dictionary of marks says is that occupied Japan was on items from 1945-1952. Nothing in Nippon book. Your set is lovely. I collected some for my mom when I was a teen.Late 50's these sets were very popular then. I have seen the mark before.

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I have a set of old Occupied Japan set of china. The Occupied Japan is in cursive. Could you tell me if years ago, if they did some of the stamps in cursive writing,, any info you can supply me would be greatly appreciated,, thank you , Laurie

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I don't know diddly about ceramics, but I do know Japan, and I know it is really quite difficult to identify more obscure makers of a particular product (not to be taken to mean less valuable or diminishing quality). In large part, that is probably due to the fact that many Japanese made products of the time (and still to the day) where not manufactured in a single factory or facility. Rather, it was standard practice for a "contractor" (if you will) to enlist the services of many (sometimes in the thousands) small family operated shops to produce a certain item to specification. Those items where then sold under a general "maker".

As such, one particular "maker" or "contractor" might have sold nearly identical items, but the unique labels may have numbered into the hundreds.

For your particular mark, the naka may refer to a particular family (nakano, nakagawa, nakashima), a particular region (nakajima, tonaka), or to a particular location. Possibly an abbreviation for chuo (meaning central or city center).

Laurie - It's highly likely that I am mistaken, but I do know that Lefton (refuton) was one maker that used cursive writing on their markers. If I remember correctly, it was in red ink and in a circular pattern ("hand painted" "occupied Japan") with "Lefton" "Made in" printed horizontally in the center. Just an idea :-)

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Many china makers who were in operation between 1945 and 52, marked their wares in cursive....Noritake being one.
picture would help.
Linda C

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So, is there a definitive book on MIOJ marks?
Suzan J

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