What are you wearing?

Gina_WJuly 20, 2007

Okay, let's liven this forum up. What makeup and hair goop are you using today?


Hair -

Pantene leave-in conditioner - used to detangle my hair.

Skin -

Neutrogena alcohol-free toner

Neutrogena 45 Sunblock

Makeup -

Bare Minerals Medium Tan foundation

BM eyeshadow - some iridescent brown shade

BM eye dark brown brow powder

BM blush - some pink shade

Estee Lauder MagnaScopic mascara

Stila gel eyeliner in a pot (don't try this at home unless you're real good with an eyeliner brush.)

Estee Lauder Pure Color lip gloss in plum

No scent, I'm allergic :-(

So what're YOU wearing?

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Your allergic to scent and can use pantene leave in conditioner? Have they changed the formula and removed the fragrance? That would be great because I am allergic to fragrances and it is really hard to find hair products. I used Magic Botanicals oil free shampoo, Pur Minerals foundation in light, Clinique lipstick in I'm Yours. That's it. Sometimes I use Covergirl Mascara on my lashes in black, and on my brows as brow gel in brown.

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Infusium leave-in in my hair (still a poofball, guess it doesn't matter)

Usually use Kiss My Face AHA moisturizer - but I'm skipping that and any makeup today, since I'm going to be doing a chemical peel this afternoon, when I get my cajones together. *sigh*
I'll post later on how that goes.

I usually never use any kind of makeup other than the rare lipstick and daily mascara and eyebrow filling (because I'm naturally redheaded and I look pretty ghastly without it) since every makeup I've tried looks awful on my skin - ruddy and not what I'd call pretty. So, we'll see how the peel goes. The only reason I've held off is b/c I've been trying to find a non-greasy, non-irritating sunscreen. So far, Aveeno seems to be the easiest on my skin.

Oh, and I'm wearing Calgon's Hawaiian Ginger body spray, which smells wonderful on me - even the bees like it. >: /

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Well its a day of digging and setting fence posts for me so I have dolled up in my Garnier Nutritionist regenerating moisturizer with spf 15. I also put on a bit of Burts Bees lip balm.
Foosacub, you might like the Garnier that I am using. I cant use anything greasy or irritating as I have the very oily and sensitive skin too. I like this one the best and its available at fine Walmart's across the USA and
Canada. lol
Now if you would like something a little more upscale.. I have a French make up called.. (are ya ready?) Eau Thermale Avene with SPF 25. It is a redness relief soothing cream that will help take the pink-red tones out of your skin. Its also for sensitive skin but I fine it itches a little bit. This stuff runs about 50 bucks a tube. I use their Cleanance Tientee which is the oil free formula, Tinted anti shine regulating lotion.
I didn't care for Aveeno as it really itched.
I'm really curious to know all about your chem peel. I am going for my physical this wed and I have to get a referral for a Dermatologist since I have a flaky patch of skin on my face that wont go away.(probably the beginning of skin cancer had it before over my eye) Anyways. I think I am going to have a chem peel done since my skin tone is so blotchy and I hate to wear makeup.
Good luck with your peel.

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Heads up: held off on the peel, old man says we're going on a DATE. I'll let you guys know when I do it, though. (I have done a glycolic peel before, at about 30%... stung, but not *that* bad... it was like I put a lotion on that I was allergic to. Didn't leave it on long ((I think 4-5 min??)), had decent results, but obviously needed a deeper peel for what I'm looking for. I'm freckled half to death, and would like to 'soften' them a bit, plus I'm already getting fine lines at 22. *ARGH*)

A date.


wait... what's a date?

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The Pantene Pro-V leave in stuff doesn't have much of a smell at all. I've also used Infusium and tried others. I need it since I can't get a comb through my hair after washing - a big old mess.

Getting lines at 22?! Oh boy, you need a good sun-block and skincare regimen that you follow every day. And wear hats!

I've noticed more freckling on the left side of my face from driving. I keep hats in the car for walking my dog, maybe I'll have to wear them when I drive too!

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Guess noone's wearing any makeup these days? (Trying to breathe some life into this dead forum y'all!)

Anyway, I have a Sephora pretty nearby but I ordered online with them anyway - free shipping - cuz I hate going to stores with millions of products. Pretty packaging.

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Redken for color treated hair and Redkin Smooth Conditioner
Dove Body Wash/Neutragena Body Wash
Clinique Hydra Care Cream - face
Nivea Body Cream - body
Maybelline mascara - very black not waterproof
Avon color stay lipcolor - a pink - light frosty for summer

I don't like foundation, but when I have to, Prescriptives Traceless.

22 and lines - wait until you head toward 50!

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Tresemme shampoo for color treated hair
Redkin Smooth Down conditioner
Redkin Guts mousse

Caswell Massey Elixir of Love Soap
Caswell Massey Elixir of Love Lotion--neck, wrists, hands
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Lotion--arms, legs

Victoria Principal RECLAIM day creme with SPF 15

Lauren Hutton concealer
Lauren Hutton lip pencil
Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss in Desert
MAC blush
MAC eyeshadow in Shroom
Trish McEvoy black shadow as eyeliner
Lauren Hutton mascara

I never thought about how many products I use!

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I know. I try not to buy too much STUFF, but somehow it just accumulates!

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Update on the peel: Did a TCA peel at home, 30-35%. Results were awesome, I'm definitely glad I did it. I waited until late in the year when I wouldn't be outdoors as much, and don't step out the door wearing less than spf30. (spf50 during peak hours)

Before the peel: you have to know someone who knows this stuff or do a good deal of digging to find this out: a common cause for an uneven at-home peel is that most people don't use acetone to clean the skin beforehand. (Washing your face won't do it.) So, I used acetone on a cottonball and swiped it over my face well, avoiding the eye area. Also, I mixed my TCA solution, measuring carefully. Be sure to dilute with a purified bottled water.

During: I swiped the TCA solution over my face with a cotton pad, without 'rubbing' my skin. With a Q-tip, I reapplied the solution precisely onto a particularly dark freckle on my forehead. This process is the most unpleasant. If you've ever had anything pierced, the pain is similar to that - except it's all over your face. You'll notice a frosting effect on the treated skin - frosted like frosted glass. Pain subsided considerably after 3 minutes, and my face just felt 'funny' after 5-6 minutes. Frosted appearance was gone completely after 8-10 minutes.

After the peel, I washed my face as gently as possible to remove the acid residue with Cetaphil. I patted my skin mostly dry and applied the contents of a vitamin E capsule onto my face. Over the next two days, I reapplied the vitamin E as needed to keep the skin from drying. After that, it required less upkeep to keep the skin moist. It took about a week for my skin to mostly peel, and it was completely peeled after 10 days. As my skin peeled, most of the photodamage and freckling went with it. There is no evidence of the nearly-black freckle from my forehead. Only one line remains on my face, a brow furrow that I've been working on since I was 12 - and it is so much more shallow... not the constant crease it was before. The 'new' skin was sensitive and a bit pinkish, and coated in SPF. All the time. Now, about two weeks later, I am consistent with the sunscreen and hat-wearing.

I can't recommend this enough if you've got the guts to try it at home. Especially for what I spent for it - less than ten bucks! (Well, more if you count the numerous sunscreens I've been through.... I'm sensitive to some brands and have settled on Coppertone Oil Free For Faces.) I must stress the importance of treating your 'new' skin well - sunscreen is not optional!

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You're very brave! I would not try doing this myself at home. I'm glad it worked so well for you.

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Today I'm wearing Jammie pants & a T-shirt. It's Saturday.

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