English Dresser?

bean_alJuly 14, 2011

I found this piece in a local consignment shop and am wondering what, if any, information you can give me on it. I like the piece and it will work well for what I need it for, but I just want to make sure that I don't pay too much. It looks old, but I'm worried that it might just be a piece of junk. I know absolutely nothing about quality furniture. The only description on the pricetag says "English dresser." Thanks for any info you can give.

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You haven't said what the price is....there are no pictures showing construction, the photo is so blurry tehre is no way to tell the condition of the finish...
Can't possibly know if it's a good buy or not.
Linda C

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I apologize for the bad photo. It is from the store's website and the only one I have at the moment. I will try to take more/better pictures of the dresser when I go see it this weekend. They are asking $135.

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Fori is not pleased

I think $135 for a functional piece of furniture that you like and fits your space is generally a decent buy. I don't know much about furniture but especially if it's not getting heavy use (like your underwear drawer would, for example), it doesn't even have to be all that well built!

If the finish looks good it may be original or it may have been refinished (which affects value but these things aren't usually worth much anyway so it won't matter much). Shove it and see if it feels sturdy. See if the drawer fronts are stapled to the drawer sides or if they are dove tailed (wooden teeth meshed together to hold the parts together). See if the drawers go in and out okay. Measure again to be sure it fits your space because it's really cute and has nice proportions.

If you watch craigslist you can probably find one cheaper. But you'd have to go to someone's house to get it and even f you did find one cheaper that didn't smell bad and wasn't scary to get, what are the chances you'd LIKE it better?

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For $135 if you like it and it works for what you'd want it for, I think you should grab it!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I think it is pretty and very versatile. I like the lines. I would certainly be willing to pay that price if I needed a piece like it. I would probably remove the mirror and use as a sideboard or occasional table.

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I was able to get some more pictures of the dresser today. The finish on the top is a little worn off.

I also saw this chest today that is a little large but would still work for the spot I need something for. It's a good bit more expensive, but I really like it and I think it's an actual antique. They are asking $395. Do you think this is a good buy or is the price too high?

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Go look at Walmart and see what you can get for $135 ... it's not much.

You say you like it and it's suitable for your needs. BUY IT! As long as the drawers open and close smoothly, and the joints are falling apart, it's a good piece.

The top can be fixed with Restore-A-Finish or similar products. It's very minor.

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I thought the same thing on piece number one.....not a difficult restoration.I do like the second piece a lot...hardware suggests it is older...but I don't like it $265 more ;-) especially for the purpose of using it as a functioning piece. Something about piece number two is nagging at me too and I can't quite put my finger on it. Sort of like the drawer style doesn't quite jive with the corners of the body. Maybe it'll come to me, maybe it won't. Strike anybody else this way?

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Right: Dresser #2's corner decor is out of scale with the drawer fronts. And the drawer ovals don't scale down like they usually do. Look at the top and the bottom drawers, and the distance between the oval and the edge of the drawer.

Bad design, or a botched marriage of two pieces, with the bottoms of the drawers being shortened to fit the drawers in the new piece.

The pulls are the wrong style too.

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I disagree about the 2nd dresser....but for the pulls, they should rightly be carved fruit pulls.....it's spot on in all the design and proportion details. It has hand made dove tails indicating it's about mid 19th century, walnut, from what I see doesn't appear to be veneer at all. Not sure what Lazy is seeing about the shortened drawers. I think all the design elements jibe very well.
But...there is a piece missing from the corner of one of the drawers, the casters appear to be missing.....what about the back splash? is there one? What does it look like and is it original?....with all these 'flaws" I'll bet you could have it for $300....
sure the 1st piece is a fine buy for $135....but it's a production piece...oak veneer top, easily fixed as to the finish, but I like the 2nd piece lots more!!
Linda C

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