no more feathering lipstick

sheilajoyce_gwJuly 1, 2007

Well, I don't sell the stuff, but I am a convert to the LipSense "lipsticks" by Senegence. It is a paint on lip tint that comes in a lip gloss type container. You put on 3 coats of the stuff and follow it with a shiney gloss, which comes in choices of regular gloss, tinted glosses, and sparkly glosses. It does not smear or feather--not at all. It is long lasting too.

You can buy it from gals who sell it themselves, much like Mary Kay or Avon sales ladies. Or I buy it online too at Ebay. (Be sure you are buying new, unopened lipsticks.)

For the first time, I can have glossy, shiney lips. Be sure to try the colors as it is hard to tell how they will actually look on you sometimes.

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A gloss that lasts, now that's something to look into !!

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They have a product like this that they sell in drugstore cosmetic areas. I think it is Revlon that makes it and possibey others. I have never tried it.

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