Antique Oak clawfoot table and chairs; how to determine value?

gail1979July 31, 2012

How do you determine if an antique buffet table is worth anything? I am thinking about painting mine.

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Worth? What does that mean? What could you sell it for? What is it worth as a record of what and how furniture was made 100 years ago?
And why do you want to paint it? It will then look like an antique oak table that you painted.
I painted one about 42 years ago....and have regretted it ever since and am too lazy to strip it.
Don't paint it....that's my best advice.
Linda C

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Antique? Is it 25 years old or 100? Can't tell much without a picture. You don't even mention the wood.

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She mentioned oak....and clawfoot....I would assume it's a 1910 special.

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Might also be a 1980s copy.

Need pictures of table

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