what did I buy?

lindacJuly 27, 2011

It's porcelain, rather nicely done, no mark at all, has a glazed bottom but an unglazed foot, 9 inches tall....and I think it's transfer done with hand fill ins.

Somehow it doesn't say Japanese to me but rather English or american. However there was a lot of Asian/Chinese stuff at this sale,, furniture, art, rugs.

I paid $4 and was buying for my grand daughter's college apartment. In case someone brings her a flower, she should have something to put it in. And, this would be perfect with 3 pink mini carnations.

But what it is?

Linda C

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I can't offer any info but it's pretty & I'm sure your granddaughter will like it. It doesn't look Japanese to me, either & that outline of the medallion reminds me of stuff from India.

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The design and shape and colors remind me of Wedgewood Kutani Crane....but the quality is not that good. I imagine it's some "gift" item that once had a paper label, made in Taiwan.
But it does puzzle me because this was stuff from a 2 bedroom apartment in a retirement community, and all the stuff was wonderful quality....she had already gotten rid of the junk and was down to the good stuff....mostly! LOL!
Thought someone may recognize it....I'm not going to bother with a search.
Linda C

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Well.........I think it's beautiful and I'm sure it'll be appreciated.

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Definitely not Japanese. The top and bottom bands look touristy Chinese to me...

For $4... it's beeyouteeful! :-)

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For $4 I LOVE it!! LOL! It will go to college and likely never come home....And I hope it sees a few small bouquets.
Now I have to look for a "serious vase" in case she finds someone who would give her a dozen roses!

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