Do you have a signature look or style?

schoolbelleJuly 12, 2009

Today's paper had an interesting article which talked about creating a signature look or style as part of marketing yourself and making yourself stand out among the crowd (especially in the workplace). The author explains that she wears mostly black separates and unfussy styles. It would certainly make shopping and getting dressed in the morning easier wouldn't it? At any rate, I had to wonder how many of you have a signature look or style?

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comfortable !

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I'm working hard on my bag lady look, LOL.

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LOL! I am the op and am at the age where I'm thinking that my "look" is comfortable bordering on bag lady as you've both mentioned. However I see women in their 50s or 60s who don't buy into the latest trends but still manage to look really put together and current. I don't want to put out lots of money, just refine things a bit. The signature look idea seemed like an intriguing place to start.

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I just wear classic, basic styles. Khaki/black/navy pants with knit tops or sweater sets to work. Since I'm on my feet all day, I have to wear athletic shoes which look horrible, but what can I do? I have to choose between "cute" shoes and shoes which treat my feet right. I'm always on the lookout for one which does both.

When I get into more stylish things or garments with fussy details, I don't feel like myself.

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socks12345, I'm the same perhaps I DO have a signature. I find that anything with fussy patterns or prints get pushed aside and eventually go to Goodwill. I also like knit tops for their ability to "move" and even though button down shirts are supposedly "classic" they pull and bind and never stay tucked, so they too usually end up gone.

As for shoes, I like the Sears "I (heart) Comfort" and also Rockport. I also have a couple of pairs of Propet (from the Penney's catalog) which are walking shoes with a bit of style and also somehow found a pair of Kumfs on sale which are extremely comfortable for me, but unfortunately seem to be extremely expensive and I don't forsee getting more of this brand.

I think my difficulty is looking "polished" and "professional" in all the comfy knits and "sensible" shoes that I enjoy.

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Cotton skirts, soft cotton shirts with flowy cap sleeves (I have beautiful floral tattoos covering my shoulders to the middle of my biceps and I want to share them with everyone) and ballet flats in all different colors, most with bows, from Old Navy. Old Navy is where I get a lot of my clothes from, and the Gap. Comfy is key!

I don't leave the house much actually, so my real style is cotton PJ pants, tee shirt, and a worn denim button up over it if I get cold. Oh, and the long, white Hooter Girl socks.

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