Ugh, Neutrogena sunscreen made me break out

Gina_WJuly 27, 2007

I was trying to be good and wear SPF 45 sunscreen by Neutrogena every day - but it made me break out into comedones (those dang hard white bumps) big time. These things do not go away gladly. I think a trip to a facialist is now in order, and I'll throw away that $%#@ stuff. I haven't had any comedones since using Bare Minerals. So mad...

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Too bad! Why don't you pass it along to someone else rather than tossing it out? Probably most people are not sensitive to it like you are.

I guess you'll just have to try another sunscreen. You might make a note of the ingredients so when you purchase something else you can try something different.

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I like Blue Lizard Sunscream. It has SPF 30 with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. I have sensitive skin too, but this doesn't make me break out. Bare minerals alone won't give you enough protection. Even the M.D.s say that you have to use a good amount of suncreen to protect your face.

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I have not yet found a facial sunscreen that is light enough not to block pores yet is a strong screen; I think the problem might be that the product is not so water soluble hence it does not wash off completely.

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I think my best bet is to wear my hats more often. I wish wearing hats would make a comeback. I would even welcome wearing gloves, since I don't like to touch handles and such in public places (oooh, now I'm starting to sound OCD!). Maybe I'll just have to resurrect some trends!

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I have past up this post several times and this morning i realized that i use Neutrogena-Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF30. I really like it. What works for me i guess does not work for you. Some one said to pass it along. It may work for one of your friends.

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Well, the comedones were a little inflamed but I've got them under control now. I'm using my old "problem-time" lotion, Estee Lauder's Fruition - it's an AHA solution. I've been patting on extra Bare Minerals on the problem spots during the day, cleaning well at night (the whole nine yards), and giving myself gentle mini-facials almost every night, and using the Fruition morning and night. Much better now.

I think the sunscreen wasn't the only culprit - I've been playing rigorous ping pong and even started taking lessons from a pro - and I've ummm been "sweating" a lot, ahem, LOL!

I kept the sunscreen to use on my hands and arms.

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Choosing a sunscreen isn't easy because there are so many on the market. You need to choose one carefully that is good for your skin type, just as you would do for any other cream or lotion for your skin.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunscreen Resource

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