Curling Hair that Doesn't Want to Curl

ladybug80July 1, 2010

Does anyone have advice on how to curl hair that doesn't want to curl? I have lots of long medium thick hair that does not want to hold curls from the curling iron. I would love to be able to put big curls in my hair without them straightening out after a few minutes.


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Try using hairspray before and after you use the iron, and don't mess with them until they are totally set (dry and cool).

I have the same thing that happens to one, lonely chunk at the nape of my neck.

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Your only good answer is a perm.

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The best option I have found is to curl a section of hair with your curling iron and upon taking your hair out either stick a velcro roller in it and let it set that way or if you don't have a ton of velcro rollers on hand wrap the section of hair around your fingers and pin it to your head with several bobby pins. I have gotten some of the best curls I've ever had by doing this and they last a lot longer than a few minutes.

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