Tea Tree oil for acne - it works

mommabirdJuly 26, 2009

My oldest son was using the Rx gel (can't remember the name) that costs $165 a tube. It cleared up the acne but left his face dry and red.

His friend's mom told me about tea tree oil. I went to our neighborhood health food store and bought a bottle. The owner told me to have him wet a cotton ball and put ONE DROP of tea tree oil on it, then rub it all over his face.

The results are amazing. His acne is almost completely gone and his skin looks great, is not dry and is smooth.

I'd never head of Tea Tree Oil so I wanted to share this with everyone.

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I have had acne issues my whole life and attributed it to being allergic to acidic drinks and foods like tomato sauce, orange juice, grapefruits, etc. Well, come to find out I accidentally tried the Clear & Clean tube that was sitting in our medicine cabinet. I have not had one outbreak since using it every day. Even better, I can now enjoy all that food I have been avoiding for decades. I highly recommend it to anyone. BTW, I also purchased and tried ProActive with no luck.

Hope This Helps


Here is a link that might be useful: At Home Teeth

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I'm going to try this for my son. His skin is sensitive and acne products tend to dry him out too much.

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Tea tree oil is really great in treating acne issues. I'm also using this for almost 3 years now and my face is really smooth and not dry. Thanks for sharing.

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