Changing from vanity to pedastal sinks

paintedpeggiesJanuary 31, 2013

In our hall bath we have a large vanity sink top (61 inches). with one tiny sink in it. We have 3 kids and wanted to remove that and put in two pedastal sinks instead. Looking at the pipes, it might be costly, though. We would have to move the pipes and add a second set...We have a plumber coming to take a look.

Has anyone done this transition?

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I have transitioned from a single vanity to a pedestal sink in my powder room. In addition to pipe location, I also had to address a heating vent in the floor right where the pedestal needed to rest. I did all the work DIY. I removed all the drywall behind the vanity. I moved the waste and water pipes so that they would be hidden (as much as possible) behind the pedestal and be able to fit in with the drain hole in the sink, in accordance with the specifications included with my sink. I added horizontal 2x4s between the vertical studs in order to support the weight of the sink, again in accordance with the specifications. I re-routed the heating duct work (crawlspace underneath) to exit on the other side of the room. I patched up the subfloor where the vent exited and installed new tile over the whole floor. I then installed dry wall to cover the hole I'd made and covered the joints with mud, tape, and of course primer and paint. And then installed the pedestal and faucet.

I would recommend getting some bids from several plumbers about moving the pipes. The plumber could also install the pedestal sink for you, though it would be after the drywall has been repaired.

It is important to have the pipes (especially the waste pipe) lined up with the pedestal because there really isn't much wiggle room. The waste pipe in particular has to fit behind/inside the pedestal. If your water pipes are improperly positioned, you'll be seeing more of them around the pedestal as well. It is also important that you install the horizontal framing to take the majority of the weight of the sink. They're heavy and especially with children (who might lean on or hang on the sink), you certain wouldn't want it pulling out of the wall when drywall anchors are insufficient to support the weight.

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