Shave reduction lotions?

weed30July 8, 2004

Anyone tried those new lotions that are supposed to reduce the need for shaving? Did it work for you?

I just bought some yesterday and will use it religiously to see ... it supposedly takes a little time.

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What is this stuff - is it like "Nair" - do they still make Nair - I just shave anymore, can't stand the smell of the old Nair. Oh, are you talking about legs?

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Seems like a false claim to me; your body dictates how often you shave. I'd be weary about a lotion that closes off your pores to enhibit hair growth.............

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mitch - that's how it works?! hmmm.

woodie - it smells fine. It's supposed to make the hair finer.

Of course I started looking around on the net and found this:

scroll down for great descriptions of the accessories that come with this kit, starting with the scissors.

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Love those stencils :)

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Gotta tell you ladies I swear by epilating. Secret is it helps to have your legs professionally waxed a couple of times to get the growth a bit softer, then buy one of those hand-helds on the page Weed posted. 'No pain, no gain' applies - but I've done it long enough that (1) now I experience very minimal pain and (2) I go a couple of weeks between sessions which I do on my own schedule, with no liquids, gels, mess or gorilla legs. I've even started on my underarms.

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Jessy, don't you have to let the hair grow to a certain length before you can use one of those? That is not appealing to me since the lovely blonde leg hair of my youth has gone quite dark :(

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Sorry I took so long to get back here Weed!

I think your hair needs to be a smidgen under 1/4" to be picked up by either the wax or epilator products. And it is not an 'every time' project because your hair will grow in lighter (in texture if not color) and unevenly so it will hopefully not be as unsightly as you think. Quarter inch for me is under two weeks. Lots of tequila and a quality set of tweezers for the strays helps too.

Come on in...the water's fine!


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Sorry, I don't think there is enough tequila on the planet...

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I still have 2 Epilady torture devices from years past; that particular brand does not exist any more but I think Silkepil has replaced it; my girlfriend has one of those. They work best on not too long hair.....

I get waxed every now and then, and in the summer, I do touchups with the Epilady; after 10 years of waxing, the hair is sparse and not too coarse.

Bikini waxing is torture; but does not last long; I will do the laser thing next winter for the bikini and be done with it....

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Weed, I understand. I'm just giving you the information for the day when you are ready. The pain with the tweezer is far less than when on my eyebrows. I only brought it up because sometimes there are ingrowns.

My legs were so bad that the woodshop students would ask to borrow my shins for sanding their projects when the belt sander wasn't enough. Now it's close to baby skin soft all the time. The epilation machines of today have come a long way. Mitch is right - they work on shorter hair better. I forgot to mention to buy a small bottle of aloe vera; it helps the first few times, then you don't need it at all.

I was kidding about the woodshop students...but that's really how coarse I was!

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weed~ It has been a couple of months.... do you think the lotion is working?

I have tried a couple different brands of shave reduction lotions and can't decide if it really helped or not....

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No I don't see any difference at all. I'm using the rest of the bottle but won't bother buying more.


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OUCH! Tried that waxing thing a couple of times. It produced blood blisters in my tender areas! Not the look one wants in a bikini, i think.

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