Sunspots On Forearms

bwyjewelJuly 19, 2006

I'm 46, female and fair skinned. Over the years and as I get older, I've gotten some really big sunspots on my forearms and I feel really embarrased and self-conscious to wear short sleeves. I'm beyond ready to go have laser treatments on my arms but there is no way that I can afford it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Wear sunscreen on your arms at all times to keep the spots from darkening. If you are going to be out in the sun for a while, it would probably be good to wear long sleeves too. Don't be embarrassed to wear short sleeves if you are more comfortable that way.

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Try an over the counter fade cream as well as using 45+ SPF sunscreen. Some medications will make your skin much more sensitive to sun and you'll get those brown spots. They are called melasma and are often associated with hormone changes such as during pregnancy or when taking BC pills. Other medications can cause this too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info and treatment

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My forearms are covered with Melasma. I don't take any BC or hormones.

Melasma on the forearms is pretty rare and very often relates to adrenal function. I have a lot of other 'hormonal' problems, but all the doctors I've seen (including an endocrinologist) have dismissed it.

I saw a lady in the grocery store once who had a very dark case of it on her forearms and face. I wanted to approach her and ask if she had been diagnosed with anything - but I was too chicken. So - I am just dealing with it.

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Hi Lydia,
Ive been dx'd with Systemic Lupus and take prednisone on a regular basis. I also have the melasma on my arms...they get darker in the summer even though I dont go into the sun at all.
Ive never found anything to take the spots away, I figure they are the least of my problems.
I hope you find something though.

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btw, I have never been pregnant and when I took birth control pills it was a million years ago and wasn't for very long. I'll go back to the Dermatologist - maybe there is a cream he can prescribe.

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I did a search on google few months ago to find a product to lighten those dreaded sun spots. I ended up buying this one from Civant called Melederm. I've been slathering that on my hands (I have several dark spots) ever since I got it in the mail. It has actually lightened them to the point where even my husband noticed. Needless to say I also have been using a SPF 45 sunblock on my hands and face when outdoors for long periods of time. It may be something that can help you to. Thier website is

Here is a link that might be useful: melederm

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I have spots on my forehead and cheeks. One of my customers is a dermatologist and told me knowing that I don't have insurance that it was a bacteria caused from to much sun and that a very good treatment was to use Selsum Blue dandriff shampoo. I kinda looked at her like she was crazy, she said she could have told me to come in and she could charge me $75.00 for an office visit or I could just trust her and try it.Well I tried it and it has been working great. More than 50% of it is gone.Asked her if it worked on the arms and chest , she said not as well but will lighten it enough to look like freckles instead of sun damage. Just rub on and let dry for 20 min. wash off and pat dry.I do this twice a day.

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Really! Selsun Blue Shampoo???? WOW! Who woulda guessed!
Guess I'm going to walgreens on my lunch hour!
Thanks for the great advice!

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Selsun Blue only works on those white sunspots you get when you lay out in the sun too much. I believe it is actually a fungus that causes it and not a bacteria but the Selsun Blue definitely works. For the dark spots and melasma it won't work.

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