There really is an EYEBROW mascara!!!

chery2July 27, 2005

My eyebrows, which used to be normal, have decided to stop about halfway to where they're supposed to end. DD did MaryKay for awhile and knows cosmetics pretty well. I asked if there was such a thing as mascara for eyebrows, and she said, "Sure! Revlon carries one." So, following her advice, I bought the russet color. It's just one piece, but one end is a pencil used to draw in the missing eyebrow; the other is gel on a mascara type wand. Works great! chery-va

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Not to scare you, but you should have your doctor do a thyroid hormone test - losing the outside of your eyebrows is a sign of low thyroid. Tell your doctor about the eyebrows when you have your visit.


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I agree with Janet about what my family calls the "disappearing eyebrow syndrome. Three of us need a daily thyroid hormone pill.

I got some brush-on eyebrow gel at the beauty supply and it works well on the hairs that are there. An eyebrow pencil two shades lighter than my hair also helps fill in where hair is missing.

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I was tested for thyroid years ago. Is the problem something you're born with, or can it show up in later life? I'm 55. Thanks for responding. chery-va

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I'm sure it can show up later. I am hyperthyroid, and that didn't show up until I was 45.

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The thyroid deficiency, for us, has developed later in life. I was diagnosed with low thyroid function about a year ago, and I am 55 today. My mother had the diagnosis at about 40, as did my half-sister.

Besides the eyebrows, other symptoms may include fatigue, weight gain, chronic constipation, feeling cold in the morning, dry skin and thinning hair.

It is a simple blood test and, in my opinion, worth checking out. Low thyroid can be treated with a simple daily pill.

Thanks for sharing about the brush-on brow gel. The clerk at the beauty supply store told me about it when I asked her what eyebrow pencils they had or I would never have known that product existed.

I have dyed my hair different colors over the years and used the matching colors of brow gel for a more natural look.

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I forgot to say thanks for the product info too - and I will definitely try it as I have those missing outer eyebrows too due to thyroid troubles too.

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