cuticle softener

gran5July 11, 2012

I have lots of trouble with dry cuticles, that causes me to pick at them, any ideas for lotion or other products? I have used several, including vit E. Gran

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I've tried the unrefined african shea butter from Amazon. A little of it goes a long way to keep my hands, knees, & feet soft. I use it nightly on my smile lines. I have sensitive skin & haven't had a reaction to using the cream.

In winter I sometimes have cracked elbows that a doctor recommended to me in college to use hydrocortisone as treatment & Vaseline to prevent. Used to happen more often when I was younger & wore sweaters made from acrylic fibers.

I bought the 32oz tub in late winter and have only used about 2 T. out of it. I use my finger to put it into a smaller container for daily use, so I'm not opening & closing the big tub. I've shared with an acquaintance who had bandaids on his thumbs because they crack & bleed. He forgets to use it, so not sure if it helps him.

You can whip it with another oil & add some essential oil to scent it if desired. I just add a drop of lavender oil at night to my palms along with the shea butter to spread where I want it.

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