Help with Standard Model A Phonograph

ecollectorJuly 7, 2011

I found an antique Model A Standard Phonograph online but I am not sure what is wrong with it, I am also not sure if it is original or not - any help would be appreciated I found it at

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The original hand cranked mechanical drive mechanism for the turntable has been completely removed and they have installed a tube type radio receiver inside the cabinet.

As a phonograph it is now useless and it is rather doubtful if that old radio still works either. In my estimation it might make a vintage decoration but as an antique it would have little to no value.

Taking this to the next step, outside of those of us who are old time ham radio enthusists I doubt that you could ever find any electronics tech that would even know how to repair the radio.

The bottom line, even if it were offered free, I would have reservations on whether I wanted to drag it home.

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It has been ruined as an antique. I couldn't tell, but I think the turntable drive has been removed to make room for the radio chassis. The electronics chassis appears to be a standard RCA type, 5 tube superhet radio. I see a tuning capacitor and an IF can ( Intermediate Frequency tunable transformer). I did not see the usual large flat wound coil that doubles as an antenna, therefore, this may have been a design that requires a long external antenna. There is no speaker unless a horn driver has been installed inside the gramaphone horn.

Its a partly done conversion using an obsolete radio chassis. Vacuum tubes for this set are nearly impossible to find and are expensive. This chassis produces a quantity of heat and provision must be made to vent the heated air.

Don't clutter up your basement with it. It will eventually make it way to the junk barrel. The best use I can think of is to canabalize it for parts to repair a real gramaphone of the same model.

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