Staffordshire Dogs How old do you think they are

Jennee30July 9, 2012

These are my mother's antique Stafford-shire dogs and they were her mother's I have been looking online at these kind of dogs but they don't have the chains like some of them do around there necks and the colors of them. One antique person at one point said they were made in the late 1800's just wondering if this could be true or not. There are no markings on the bottom just a small hole. He kept asking her if she had the pair to go with it and said they were worth 200.00 just curious what they are worth.... Thanks in advance :)

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Staffordshire dogs were painted in many ways....chains or lack of chains has nothing to do with the age.
What does the bottom look like? Are they marked? Is there a hole in the dog? Where? How big?

I have about 8....I like them a lot!!!!

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I cant see any markings on them at all but i attached a photo of the bottoms of the dogs

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Well....they weren't made yesterday!
that bottom is not typical of the old 1860 to 1900 dogs....usually the bottom is flat...or nearly so, with a small air hole either in the bottom or the back....but everything is not always "typical".
Also they DO have a chain around their necks....but the painting on them is very atypical. I have never seen that red nor the black around the bottom....nor Staffordshire dogs where the paint appears to be chipping. The paint is always under the glaze.
Any chance that paint was added? have you given them a good washing....with soap and water? Any chance that under the red and black you have dogs like are in the link below?
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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i asked my mom and she said they have always looked like that ever since she can remember even as a child, the next time i go for a visit I will take another look at them and give you and update which should be around the end of this month :)

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I did go back down and the gold did come off but the pink and black did not come off it is glazed just like the white...i was also talking to my uncle and he said that his mother told him when he was a child that her mother got it at a carnival and so they were owned by not only my mom's mother but her mother's mother.

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The dogs are Cavalier King Charles, a favorite breed of the english royalty. The breed has 4 diffrent colors,The Tri color is white with black and tan marking.

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I don't think they're Staffordshire but a lesser copy made for the general public. Real Stafforshire has a lovely glaze and finish. In my area rea Staffordshire has lost value in the past ten years it seems. I've seen them at auction go for 75.00 for a superior pair.

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The thing is, "real Staffordshire" can be all sorts of things. Staffordshire is the name for a district which has been a center of pottery making for hundreds of years. Spode is located there as well as many other potterys.
During the mid 19th century a pair of "Staffordshire spaniels" was one of a number of popular items produced by the potteries. They were the common person's answer to fine porcelain figures. Then in lateryears they were reproduced both by other Staffordshire potteries and other potters from other places.
I suspect the fine example you saw sold for $75 was such a repro.....and I suspect the OP's pair is really from a carnival probably in the early part of the 20th century. The reason I think that is because of the strange sort of slap-dash glaze....reminds me of certain chalk carnival prize ware I have seen, but the OP said they are pottery not chalk.

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