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ellessebeeJanuary 27, 2013

I am agonizing over my refrigerator selection! I have a couple of specific criteria but they narrow the field considerably. It would really help to hear what real-life users have to say since the salespeople, and consumerreports, seem to have no idea what they're talking about. I want the largest I can find in a standard depth, 36" wide unit with NO dispenser in or through the door. (I just won't hook it up or use it so why pay for it and why give up the interior space?) That really limits my options. I think there's a Kenmore Elite, a GE, a couple of Samsungs and an LG or 2, a KitchenAid and a Whirlpool and an Electrolux, too, but no too salespeople agree on any of this and I've been chasing my tail to track them down. Today I spent several hours looking in 3 different stores. I decided to add one additional criterion and that is large, deep produce bins. Every one of the units I saw in the upper range had a shallow wide drawer under the veggie bins - I think it was for party platters or something. But we eat more cauliflower than party platters and I need lots of room for veggies! I also tried every one of the veggie bins and after deciding the KA was going to win, crossed it off the list because its bins didn't slide easily. I don't want to be fighting with the fridge to get my food out. I also noticed that most of the models have all plastic freezer drawers. One or 2 had wire upper and plastic lower drawers. I believe 1 Whirlpool had all wire (as did a Sub-Zero I decided to use as a benchmark). I am concerned that the plastic won't be durable. I am hoping to hear from some owners of these models - what's your experience been? If you knew then what you know now, would you buy the same refrigerator again? Thanks.

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I've just replaced our 30 year old fridge with a new KA French Door. Ours does have the dispenser and icemaker, but it's a newer model that has a slimmer dispenser and the icemaker is up in the ceiling of the fridge - still gives me all my shelf space, but does lessen the door shelf space.

The bins will roll more easily when they are loaded down. I hated all the bins in all the models I looked at because they seemed so flimsy and cheap feeling. But, with stuff in them, they are better.

I've filled up the wide drawer with cheeses and cream cheese and butter and deli meat.

I currently have broccoli, brussel sprouts, celery and 2 lbs of carrots in one of the crisper drawers. It had a container with some leftover onion and a container with some prepped garlic in it earlier - and it still wasn't completely full. Being a KA, it's made by Whirlpool and the very similar Whirlpool model has three crisper bins - one is a tiny one in the center. I have no idea what I'd use a tiny crisper drawer for.

The freezer bins are plastic and seem sturdy. I can't give you any long-term review on that, though, as it's not been in the house a week.

I talked to multiple salespersons in multiple stores. They all told me that everything is of comparable quality and that I won't get 30 years out of anything I buy today. (10-15 being the number they quoted)

I read online of more LG issues than I was entirely comfortable with. Most of the high-end Kenmores seemed to be made by LG (look at the icemakers in the door).

GE has some sort of agreement with LG. No one could tell me exactly who was making what, but the icemaker in the GE I looked at looked very similar to the LG icemakers.

I went with the KA over the similar Whirlpool model for two reasons. 1) I didn't want that stupid tiny 3rd crisper bin and 2) KA's warranty was much better. The Maytag version of mine had only 2 crisper bins, but, again the warranty on the KA model was better.

The KA warranty has the refrigeration system covered out to 10 years on my model. With the liner of the fridge and freezer covered out to 6. In addition to the standard 1 year warranty they all come with.

The Maytag version had a warranty on the just the compressor out to 10 years I think. And LG had at least one model with a 10 year compressor warranty.

So far, I like it. I still don't know where everything lives in the new one, though.

Here's the KA that I have:


Here is a link that might be useful: KA Fridge at AJ Madison

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