buying appliances for guest/pool house

shannonazJanuary 16, 2014

I am having a heck of a time...

We are doing a gut remodel and adding a guest house to a new property. Picking out appliances for "my" new kitchen is humming along nicely. I also need to buy appliances for our guest/pool house. People are going to see this kitchen a lot and there is a clear view into the kitchen from the main house and the yard. The appliances could be used a)never b)often if an elderly parent, needy friend or college student lives there or most likely c)fridge used for drinks, DW used to wash barware etc. and oven used for appetizers, pizza or by visiting relatives.

I am so not good at these kinds of decisions!

I've pretty much decided on a counter-depth Samsung fridge. I also need a DW and a slide-in electric range.

What would you do?

We have a lower-end, highly rated Bosch in our vacation home and it isn't great...

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1st - you need to decide what this is going to be.
will it be just for drinks and warmed over pizza - or will it need to be a fully functioning kitchen? And, will it have to function for a college bachelor or an aging couple ?

Something that's cheap and usable in one scenario could be bloody awful in another.

2nd - you need to decide a budget.

No sense looking at high quality fancy appliances if you only have $3000 to spend.

and have a bosch what ???

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About three years ago, we put in a "party kitchen", and at the time we knew that at some point we would be using it full time when we remodeled our main kitchen. I chose the appliances with an eye to the possibility that we might have (or future owners) might have someone living in that space, (aging parent, nanny, etc) We have been using it full time for about two weeks now, since we are in the middle of our remodel in the main kitchen. I chose an Electrolux slide-in gas range and paired it with a Maytag over the range microwave, Bosch DW, and a Samsung FD frig. We really like the bright lighting and roll out racks on the Elux. It bakes beautifully and the burners are powerful. The Maytag MW has a stainless interior, which was a must for me. Just as an aside, we had a bad experience with a GE Profile MW in the main kitchen, where the paint in the cavity cracked and peeled within the first year. It replaced a GE Monogram MW which had lasted many years. The Maytag has far more programs than the GE. The Samsung FD frig is not counter depth and holds everything that was in our old 48" SZ. I am not crazy about the bottom freezer but I do love the extra deep door bins for drinks and having everything at eye level in the refrigerator section. It really comes in handy when we have oversized party trays. Even the deli drawer can hold a large tray. The Bosch was an upper end model at the time with many different cycles but does not have a cutlery tray. It is a good DW, but as compared to the Miele we had in the other kitchen, we just don't like it as well, and that is mostly due to the way it loads.

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