InStyler flat iron

ratherbegardeningJuly 20, 2008

I just saw the InStyler commercial on tv and it appears to work really well. But then I'm thinking, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is." Has anyone used this iron? Is it worth the money? tia

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I haven't used the Instyler but I can say that I have a lot of experience with straighteners and I have to recommend buying a Chi. They are a little more experience but have amazing results. No joke. I have thick fine hair and live in the city of Chicago so the humidity combined with my already unfortunate hair type is usually terrible. But, with the CHI my hair stays straight and most importantly SMOOTH all day. It really helps to use a thermal protector like John Freida's Serum to ensure you lock out dampness and protect your hair. The Chi is probably damages your hair the least but any heat is bad. Good luck! (If you search online or ebay you could probably get the CHI for the same price as the instyler)

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I saw that infomercial too and was wondering how good it was, It seemed rather cheap, they were offering 2 for the price of one.

Tried to find some reviews on it but couldn't find any.

Hopefully someone here has tried one and can give us their opinion.

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I got to try a demo unit of the InStyler. Since my hair is straight, I don't use flatirons, but on my hair it was amazing. Gave it a lot of volume. And I personally saw the guy use it on a girl with really kinky hair and it just smoothed it out like nothing. It was really shiny and soft. I have ordered one because (at least for me) it did just what it said it was going to do - it was amazing!

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Well, I ordered my InStyler on August 9th and according to my account with them, they shipped it on August 13th. I decided to pay one lump sum:

$119.97 - as a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SPECIAL OFFER

$19.95 - 2 for 1 Rapid Pro Heat Upgrade
$9.95 - 3 Year Extended Warranty
$5.95 - Priority Processing

Shipping was $42.05 to ship to BC, Canada.

Order Total $197.87

Received today Only one InStyler! $200 for one - would have never paid for this if I knew they were going to rip me off by only giving me one. One InStyler is not worth $200!! Even if I never receive it and tell them I want to return it, they will charge me a restocking fee, shipment and insurance to return it to them, AND I will never see the shipping costs I already paid! I canÂt even leave a message at their customer service line. Tells me to call back during business hours.

I was worried that this infomercial would be some sort of scam. I was happy to see the shipping was quick but I didnÂt get the free one like they offered me. I am very upset!

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I've been trying to find reviews myself for this, and a little luck but not much. I hate black/white persons hair... similar to the American idol girl they showed... so i'm looking for reviews of those types.

As, for Kristineeh, above me: I read somewhere else that you don't get the 2nd free instyler till your trial was over and then they send out the second one after that.

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I also bought the flat iron on the buy 1 get 1 special and only one came. I immediately called their customer service 1-800-307-0078, then pressed 4 when the recording came on. I did get to talk to a person and explained the problem and she said she would ship my second one out immediately, but it would take 7 - 14 days to get here. (I called at 1:00 CST).

I got the impression when I spoke to this person that this happens quite frequently. I wonder if they are running short on supplies and sending them out one at a time, or if they really are trying to put one over on us.

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So has anyone used it? What's the verdict?

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I have to say that I ordered this product a while ago and have had the best luck with it. I have super-curly red hair and I have never seen my hair so smooth and straight. I never thought I would be able to do anything with my hair other than wear it curly but this product changed my mind. It makes my hair so straight. It's really amazing so at any price, I would have paid it. I would do a testimony on it for free!!

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Still loving mine. HOpe everyone who has issues calls and gets it straightened out because it really is an amazing product.

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I was thinking about purchasing one also, but in the same boat as you. Can't find anyone who has used it and likes it. I wonder who this starlingsilent really is. First this person states they have straight hair, then a follow-on post states they have curly hair. And this is the only person who has something positive to say about the product. what's the real story? sounds a bit fishy to me.

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I bought the 2-for-1 deal, gave one to each of my daughters for Christmas. The younger one (19) is a professional hairdresser. She refused it, told me "I don't use this junk on my hair." She prefers her own Chi hair straightener. Looked at the box, it said I had 30 days to ask for a refund, must have the receipt. Yikes-I threw it out when I was wrapping the Christmas gifts. I'll try it out on my own hair.

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I've been thinking about getting one too. My hair is fine, straight and doesn't have any body. Xenophile, when you get yours, please let us know how it works, or anyone else that has hair like mine.


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I bought mine on ebay for $60--I didn't want to deal with the pricey shipping charges. It does work good! So much so, that I sold my Chi flat iron on ebay. I have coarse, dry hair and I just use it lightly on my hair, and it works well. I love that the barrel keeps rotating so you don't have to do it yourself.

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I got mine online too, Im glad I didnt have my credit card over charged. I like the way it makes my hair have more volume and it doesnt feel like Im crushing my hair like a regular flat iron.

Here is a link that might be useful: Instyler

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I received the 2 InStylers for the price of 1 and have been completely disappointed in this product. My curly thick hair turned out to be very frizzy and terrible looking. I even tried it on my daughter's thin straight hair and hers became frizzy as well. I give this product 2 thumbs down and I do not recommend it to anyone!! The videos on this product are completely untruthful as well your hair is very hot to the touch after using it and it makes a nasty smell while using it. I also had to go over each section of hair about five times just to get a frizzy result! Bottom line keep your money in your pocket and put it to better use than on the InStyler!

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I purchased mine online too (and did receive two of them). This is the best thing since sliced bread. I use it EVERY DAY! I even got some of my friends hooked on it and they got their friends and co-workers hooked on it too. It's good that now you buy this anywhere. I've even seen it at Walgreens for $100.00. I also saw it on QVC. This is truly an amazing product.

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I bought the instyler and me being a black woman I was afraid to try it just in case it did not work well on women of color but it has done exceptionally well. I�ve also used it on my mom�s hair and it was a lot easier to highlight her layers and it gave it body and volume as well as my own. I think that the product is ingenious because I use to first have to straighten my hair and then curl it. Now I can do both at the same time! The only grievance that I have with this product is that if you try to get to your roots then you will most definantly burn your scalp! It is really hot so if you need something that gets your roots then go buy a regular flat iron and use the instyler to do the rest.

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