Bluestar RNB has arrived: Impressions and feedback

PortagoJanuary 3, 2012

Just received and installed a BS RNB 30" and thought I would give some feedback for prospective buyers.

First of, I LOVE the look of the range. That's pretty much the reason I picked the BS over the CC. That, and the looks of the grates. But that's just my opinion and is therefor pretty inconsequential.

Don't need to really talk about the burners since everyone already knows about the superiority of open burners. But all I can say is "FIRRRRRE!". That's quite the fire machine!

Now for the hot topic: The infamous oven door. Here's the details after one hour at 450 degrees (from top to bottom):

-The horizontal stainless steel plate ahead of the burners is warm, but nothing uncomfortable.

-The knobs are warm as well. But again, comfortably warm (think seat warmers in a car).

-The vertical stainless steel plate behind the knobs is very warm: not a big deal with a quick touch, but will become too hot to handle after a few seconds pressing on it.

-The top of the oven door and pull out tray handle are hot: nothing more than a quick touch, keep your hand on it (if you could!) and it will burn.

-The oven door handle is cool.

-The sides of the oven door are pretty warm, but nothing too uncomfortable.

-The bottom of the oven door and kick plate are very hot. They are indeed the hottest spots. Again, your hand will instinctively pull back as soon as you touch it. It will not burn, but keep pressing (and why?) and it will leave a mark.

For those of you wondering about kids and pets my personal take on it is as follow:

They will not get burn as they will instinctively pull back as soon as they touch those hot areas (and will not try again). I'm talking about the two hottest spots here, bottom of the oven door and kick plate. The only way someone could get hurt is if for some reason they keep pressing on it (catching a fall for example).

Hope that helps.

As far as I'm concerned, I have no regrets, I love this range! Those burners man, those burners!!!! :-)

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Agree-- have been using my RNB 30 for about 7 months -- not a problem.

I knew I would love the burners-- but -- wait til you try the broiler -- you have a treat in store.

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I'm looking at a 36" Blue Star, this was very helpful... Thanks, hope you enjoy your range and brings you countless hours of happy cooking...

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Well I just realized why the bottom of the oven door and kick plate are so hot: There is no insulation at the bottom of the door. I'm not sure why, but the insulation lining starts from the bottom corner of the oven (inside the door hinge), goes up, then across the top of the oven, and then down the other side to the other door hinge. But it does not go across the bottom part of the oven. Not sure the reason for it, but I'm quite sure it's the reason the bottom is so hot!...

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It's to keep your toes warm when you're cooking barefoot!

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Inquired with Bluestar, and was told it was designed that way for proper baking.
So I'll go with mojavean's idea with barefoot cooking :-)

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I visited a showroom yesterday and looked at both BS and CC ranges. I wondered why the BS kick-plate was louvered and the CC was solid. If I understand correctly the oven bottom is not insulated and that would make sense. I suppose more airflow might be needed for this style oven and the kick-plate expels any extra heat. From reading the BS owners love their ovens and a few CC owners have indicated uneven baking, but cooler doors. My suspicion is that the doors are heated from beneath and not through heat loss through the door. This may be a BS design carried over from Garland, but is still within residential guidelines. Regardless if you own either brand the heat will be caught by a hood and vented whereas a separate wall oven will just add heat to the room because of no venting. I will say I thought the BS oven to be visually more usable and the racks were definitely better. The flush oven bottom and flush broiler may make for more room. I still haven't decided which range, but either would more than meet our needs. I not sure I read the post right, but no insulation in oven bottom is what I think was reported and if incorrect please advise as to what is right.

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