Any one used Emu Oil?

jetticaJuly 1, 2009

Hi all.

I'm new here!

I've just bought a load of stuff from emu-oil-well, I'd never heard of it until then and I wondered if it was any good. Reading up on the website it looks as if it might do wonders for my dry, sensitive skin. Has anyone used it, I'm curious to know what people think obviously I'll post about it when mine arrives.

Ooo apparently it's good for sunburn too, cool. I went to the beach at the weekend and as a pale female I was burnt to a crisp even with sunblock on!!



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I tried it several years ago. I didn't find it to help anything.

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I used it a while back and felt itwas overpriced for what it does. I like Merlot cream with sunblock. I think olive oil is just as good as emu, probably doesn't smell as good though. You never know until you try things yourself, we all have different problems.

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Well mine arrived today and I've been using the face cream. I'm happily moisturised. It wasn't too expensive, no more expensive than other good moisturisers £6.95 from

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Its not worth killing an animal for. Try going all natural or organic if you have dry skin. Try haileys dragonfly garden (just google) they are affordable and the products work.

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