Tooth whitening for summer...

starzJuly 4, 2006

I've been using gosmile and it helped to whiten about 4 shades, then I saw people on the health forum say that the pro-dental crest supreme strips are 80% stronger than the store bought brands. Gosmile is 6% and the cws pro-dental supreme are 14%.

The gals were saying that if you are really sensitive to just go with gosmile, but if you aren't and want really white teeth, to use a two week supply of the cws supreme.

You have to get them through a dentist but the site that is most recommended on the other forum was They also have a combo pack where you can whiten with the strips and then maintain with gosmile. It seems to be the best price I've found. Let me know if anyone sees this combo pack anywhere else.

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I've been using the Nite White system and love it. You get the dental mouth bleaching trays from your dentist after they make a mold of your teeth. The bleaching gel comes in 10%, 16% and 22%.

To help decrease the sensitvity, be sure to use a good floride tooth gel. You can even put the gel in the bleaching trays and wear it for an hour. Helps 100%.
The problem that I see with bleaching strips is that they don't really get in all the spaces (especially between teeth) as the gel does.

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I just checked out the Gosmile site. It seems to me that once you apply the solution to the teeth, there is nothing to keep it in place to do it's job. It will just get washed away from the normal saliva, ect.

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I ordered a second round and did much better when I dried my teeth off first. They have a new b1 advanced tooth whitener that bonds to the teeth as they whiten, so you get up to 10 shades whiter. Ebay has the best deals or

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Actually gosmile will naturally whiten veneers to as white as they were when you first had them done.

Ebay has a jumbo kit great deal!

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