Toto Toilet Decision - Lloyd vs Eco Soiree

lolliJanuary 24, 2012

We are embarking on a bath reno and after scouring this forum had our hearts set on the Toto Soiree Toilet with the 1.6 GPF. Having searched high and low it seems there are no more Toto MS964214CFG toilets (1.6 gpf) in Cotton available in the US. The MS964214CEFG which is the Eco version of the Soiree using 1.28 GPF is widely available. There have been numerous reports of debris being left in the bowl with the Eco Soiree which is not something we are thrilled about. We are now left with the decision of whether or not to stay within the Soiree line and settle for the Eco or switch models entirely and go with something like the Lloyd and would love to hear the thoughts that other members of this forum had on the subject. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated!

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We ran into the same issue when we redid our powder room last summer. We were told the 1.6 gal was no longer available so we took the risk and bought the 1.28. I was too in love with the soiree's looks to go with something else.

It works great! We really don't have a debris left in the bowl problem at all. We have had it installed now for about 6 months and I can count on one hand the times we have had to double flush b/c of a debris issue.

I was also worried about clogs with the 1.28. That has been a non-issue. I did have to get the plunger out once, but I figure that's pretty good for 6 months use in our most heavily used bathroom. (our previous toilet had to use it about once a week)

The double cyclone technology does its job really well. I wouldn't hesitate to go with the 1.28. It has worked great for us!

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FWIW, even the 1.6 gal Soiree will leave debris behind on occasion (definitely NOT all the time).

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Ditto what epressler said. I too was concerned about the 1.28 but our Eco Soiree works perfectly!

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go with Eco Soiree .......thats the one

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I am so happy to see this thread! We just had to make the same decision a few weeks ago and I ordered the Soiree over the Lloyd (loved the Soiree look better). I can't say how it works yet as it is waiting to be installed...floor tile is going in today as we speak. But I am happy to see that you guys love it and don't have any issue with it. Thanks!

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So it is written, so it is done...Eco Soiree it is.

Thank you everyone for your inputs they have been really helpful!

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We've installed a Toto Lloyd and a Toto Soiree in the past six months.
Both work fine; both look great.

But, I'm surprised how loud both are compared to other non Toto toilets we've had.
Is anyone else surprised/bothered at how loud the Toto toilets are when they are flushed?

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My Soiree (1.6gpf) is the most quiet toilet I've ever had, also very efficient and no clogs. We bought ours as a floor model from a plumbing supply store. If you really want the 1.6, try phoning around all the showrooms and supply houses in your state. You just might find one.

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You can turn several of the Toto 1.28g commodes into 1.6g simply by replacing the 3" flapper with one made for their older "power gravity" toilets, which don't have a hole in them and thus stays open longer. They are interchangable but differenty shaped. Don't have time now to check on the part number.

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