How much spacing between earring holes?

hobby_libbyJune 30, 2011

I think my multiple lobe holes may have been placed too close together.

The 2nd hole's earring backs contact the 1st hole's earring backs.

Maybe it's how my lobes lay. I don't know.

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I'm wondering if the needle (yes, this was a DIY) went in at an angle. Can they be remade?

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You can try letting the hole close up and then repiercing (with a professional next time, this is NOT a DIY project!) but it will take probably a couple years before it is fully closed up. Take a thin Sharpie and dot places on your ears until you find the perfect spot. Every ear is different so there is no "how much spacing" question to be answered, it depends on your ears.

And yes, it does sound like the needle did not go in horizontially, it does sound like it went in at a downward angle.

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hobby, I had to have one of my piercings redone because they had grown shut and they told me they could not repierce the hole but they got it situated very close to the first one so they look okay.

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