What do you use to remove makeup?

stu2900June 2, 2009

I've been using Ponds Cold Cream for years to remove makeup and have loved it except for one thing. The jar says remove with warm washcloth, which I do. But, when I launder the washcloth I end up with this icky ring around the drum and agitator of my washer and it's like greasy makeup. I clean it really well, but I guess in my old age am getting tired of messing with it and wondering if it should be happening at all. I bought Olay regenerist daily regenerating cleanser today becuase I haven't been exfoliating and thought I should. DD says she doesn't think I should use this to remove makeup. So, I guess my question is, 1: what do you use to remove makeup

2: what do you think of the problem I'm having in the washing machine with the cold cream?

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My guess would be the Ponds is not as water soluble as another more fluid cleanser would be; I use a make up remover lotion, it's very thin and I use a warm facecloth like you, I have no problem with the washer leaving a greasy residue. I use foundation and my facecloth is dirty when I'm finished; I use another clean cloth to go over my face again.

Maybe you are using too much of the product or the way you wash the cloths,
what detergent are you using, warm or cold water ?

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I use Tide or Era in hot water. Maybe I am using too much. I'll try to make a concentrated effort to use less, but am thinking it might be time to try something else. What is it you use, mitchdesj?

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Ponds cold cream is mostly emulsified mineral oil if I'm not mistaken. Mineral oil is the same thing used to make vaseline. The oil is not water soluable so that's what's leaving the ring. I'd be also worried that it's getting into your clothes and could leave a grease stain! I personally like using the premoistened wipes...you can get the Pond's ones, they are a bit better than generic ones. Pond's are more consistant with their moisture than the generic Equate ones. They don't remove waterproof eye makeup though. You could use the cold cream with a tissue for that. Or just use a waterproof eye makeup remover like the Neutrogena one with a cotton square. Really and truely, cold cream is mostly mineral oil so you could actually just use mineral oil with a soaked cotton ball or whatever to apply it. It will do the same job and much cheaper. Remember that mineral oil is a petrolium product. Maybe using something like olive oil to remove you make up will be a healthier choice. I like the wipes because they are "no muss no fuss"!

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I just use Neutrogena soap and water for my face.

For the washing machine, use a Magic Eraser. It is the most amazing cleaner for the ring in the washer.

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arkansas girl reminded me that I had some premoistened cloths. I bought them a while ago to use while traveling but hadn't really used them much until this week. They work great. I do use a liquid eye makeup remover, then finish with the cloths. I'm using Olay cloths right now, but I think they're being discontinued or something. (They were on clearance at our local CVS, so usually that's what that means.) I'll try the Ponds cloths next. I'm tired of cleaning the washing machine after I wash the towels and I just know the towels weren't getting really clean with all that gunk in there. I just can't figure out why it's taken me so long to figure out that cold cream wasn't the way to go. I guess we're creatures of habit and it just takes some of us longer to learn the error of our ways. Thanks all!

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I use plain witch hazel on a large cotton square, not oily, minimizes pores, and no laundry problem. I sometimes switch to facial toner w/o alcohol but I like the witch hazel best.

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I use soap and water to remove face make-up. I use mineral oil around the eyes to remove mascara on the days I decide to wear it.

This method is cheap and it works.

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I use a honey and lemon face scrub from haileys dragonfly garden. ( For the ponds info...mineral oil clogs your pores and vasaline is a petroleum by product....horrible for your skin)

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I got tired of ruining my good washcloths with makeup, so I use Huggies baby wipes without perfume and dyes to remove my makeup. I used to buy the make remover wipes, but they are so expensive. Huggies are so much cheaper.

After I wipe my make up off, I rinse the Huggies in running water, add my facial cleaners, gently scrub, rinse my face, and toss. I then put on a good moisturizer, brush up and head to bed.

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I have really sensitive skin, so is it's simply impossible to me to use soap. Until I went to the Summerfest of Ultrafemme in Cancun, and I found this lotion of Estée Lauder, it's the one of the blue bottle, AMAZING! http://ultrafemme.com.mx/es/default.aspx

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i use olive oil before i go to bed, it removes all the makeup, it hydrates the skin, and when you wake up the next day your skin will feel so soft and glowing.
i love using natural things on my face.

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I buy this one make-up remover from Costco. It comes in a pretty big pack for a great deal as well. I attached the picture below. It works pretty well in terms of removing the make up and it's a pretty big sheet so sometimes if I just need to remove eye make up, I'll cut it in half so I don't waste one whole sheet. Also, it has tea tree oil in it to calm your skin.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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