Has anyone successfully treated melasma?

jillyhouJune 25, 2007

I developed melasma more than two years ago during the last trimester of my pregnancy. It stayed relatively stable for the year I nursed after my son was born. ...But since then (and trying several treatments for it, unsuccessfully), it has continued to get worse and spread. I now have a huge splotch on my forehead...dark patches on my cheeks...and a slight darkening over my upper lip.

Has anyone else experienced this, and, if so, what did or didn't work to deal with it?



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You'll need a prescription for a fade cream from your doctor or dermatologist. One such cream is called Eldopaque Forte.

Here are some other brand names:

Eldopaque Forte

Generic Name: hydroquinone topical (hye droe QUIH none)
Brand Names: Alphaquin HP, Alustra, Eldopaque, Eldopaque Forte, Eldoquin, Eldoquin Forte, Esoterica, Esoterica Sensitive Skin, Glyquin, Glyquin-XM, Lustra, Melanex, Melanol, Melpaque HP, Melquin HP, Melquin-3, Nuquin HP, Solaquin, Solaquin Forte, Viquin Forte

Used in combination with a sunscreen and hat when you go out, it will eventually fade your brown areas. Prescription Retin A used with the fade cream will speed it up. The spots are inclined to come back in the sun so you will need to be diligent about staying out of the sun or using a strong sunscreen.

I had it even before I became pregnant and have some still.

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I successfully treated mine with IPL lasers. It is a bit painfull and also pricey but i got tired of looking that way. It works best on white skin(not ethnic). When you begin treatment be sure your skin is winter white and not suntan. The laser goes after the darker pigment so if you are tan it will not work as well. The cost is around $2000. Unfortunatly i do have rosaca(sp?). Hopefully you wont but if you dont have it by now, you probably wont. I did try those creams at first and they didnt help. The IPL did. MY very honest girlfriend said i look MUCH better.

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Thanks for the replies so far. I tried hydroquinone, but unfortunately, the melasma got worse and spread after using it. How long did you use it for before you started seeing results?

Also, I have olive skin, so I'm not sure I'd be a good candidate for IPL...plus, I'm scared to do that because I've heard stories about worse hyperpigmentation developing afterwards.

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I have olive skin as well. It takes 4-6 weeks of regular twice daily use of the prescription strength hydroquinone. The OTC stuff is almost useless. Also, using Retin-A with it will speed up the process. You will have to keep out of the sun. IPL scares me and is cost prohibitive for me.

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I would think that olive skin is not too big of a problem. I would check with certified dermatologist or aethetician. I have never heard stories of hyperpigmentation afterwards. I do know that whatever treatment you try, you must ALWAYS stay out of the sun. Having melasma is what your skin wants to do. You will always half to protect your face. My aethetician told me to become best friends with a big brim hat. I dont wear them however, i where sunscreen everyday.

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...Just curious, if you don't mind me asking, where did you have the IPL done? What state do you live in?


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I live in Wisconsin and i had it done at a place in Wauwatosa. I cant remember the name of the place and i only have it written in my phone book as Cosmetic Surgery.

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Thanks for the info. I live in the DC-area -- too far away.

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Here's a site with great information on treating melasma.

Here is a link that might be useful: Melasma Resource

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