What has happened to sizing in womens clothes?

shesheJune 14, 2009

Recently I bought a pair of Levi's in my regular size. I got

them home and they were not the size of my old ones.

I bought a satin robe, I brought it home and it was sized wrong. What I am seeing over and over lately is no care at all taken to size anything properly any more. When it comes to bras this is truly a disaster. Has anyone else noticed

this? I suppose the store gets your money anyway for a certain time until you return it. Maybe that is all they want. Of course buying online becomes truly difficult too.


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Oh, anymore NOTHING is sized the same. At the Gap I am a medium, at other stores I can be up to an extra large. My work uniform shirt is a small. Who knows?

I hate it too, you really have to try on clothes every time to get the right fit. I feel your pain.

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Twenty-four years ago (at age 30) I weighed 100 lbs., and wore a size 5. I am now 54, still weigh 100 lbs., but -- get this -- I now wear a size 00 or sometimes even a size 16 in the little girls section.
Perhaps my making this clothing size-down, women are more prone to buying the smaller sizes? Makes no difference to me, as I usually wear my youngest daughters "old" clothes.

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Every company has it's own measurements for size, and they do not even seem to be consistent within a brand. You have to try on.

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Its not just that. It would be expected that different companies have different sizing. I tried on a bra at VS. It fit like a dream. I bought six. I got them home and when I tried on one in a different color it did not fit. I laid them all out and they were ALL different lengths. From the biggest one to the shortest one was a 6" difference with various lengths in between. I took them ALL back and showed them. I just got a shrug from the clerk.

This sort of thing happens often. I tried on a skirt and decided to get both colors. Sure enough the EXACT SAME skirt in a different color was huge.

Try on everything.

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It's because we get all our clothing manufactured outside the USA. Some worker 14 hours into a 16 hour day for 45 cents is not going to worry if they made that bra to size, they are just trying to keep body and soul together.

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My body happened to clothing sizes as far as I can see. :-(
I used to wear 8's, then 10's, then 12's and now I wear a 16. At seventy I still care that I have gained inches where they never used to be and lumps and bumps that would have horrified me at 30. But you guys are right; nothing is consistent any more size wise. I looked at some summer knit shirts the other day at Costco marked XL. What a joke. Even in my most skinny days I could not have worn those shirts.

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I think you 'pay' for the smaller size tags! The cheaper the clothes the closer to my real size it seems but I see some celebrities who weigh much more than I have ever weighed & they supposedly wear a size 8 & weigh 158 lbs? Come on now!!

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