'Touch-Up' hair coloring

zoewolfJune 22, 2007

I have used this product twice. The first time was last year and had very little effect. The second and last time was last week. I must have left it on too long or was the wrong color or something, cause it looks really bad, and I am not getting used to it. Everyday, I hate it even more than the day before.

On the box it states: "Will last for three weeks"; however, I know that it won't go away; your hair (if you're lucky) will grow out, but the color is there to stay!!!!!! I am tired of wearing a baseball cap to hide my hideous hair and afraid to try anything else on it.

Any ideas? PLEASE??????????????????????????????????

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What product did you use? I've used the Clairol root touch up and thought it worked great. I had someone else look at my hair and the choices and pick the color for me. I used it as directed. I guess the solution is to do your whole head of hair.

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I use the Clairol also and it works great on my center part between visits to the salon.

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