geebeescJune 24, 2003

I looked at all the products on the shelf & walked away with nothing! How do you know which product is better. Each has such a different description that I can't decide which is actually better or which one I actually need. Is there a site comparing all that's out there?

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GeeBee, you are absolutely right, I have tried many but one I consider neutral enough is the yellow Dramatically different one by Clinique............  Â
I have bought expensive serums from my aesthetician but have seen no big difference.
I like to spend my money on a good facial every 3 months; I am still looking for a good day and night moisturizer....
I've been told that Visage by Nivea is very good; they use the same chemists as the Laprairie people or else it's the same mother company... I am going to try that next...

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This is a hard one to answer. There are so many factors, e.g., your age, condition of your skin, where you live, lifestyle, etc. I don't think an objective comparison of moisturizers truly exists.

I think the best advice is to go with something basic, gentle, and neutral. Something off the shelf of the drugstore rather than from the costmetics counter, because at the counter (Clinique, Shesheido, Estee Lauder, etc.) it will not be objective.

I swear by Cetaphil as a cleanser, but have not tried the moisturizer, though that is the type of product I would suggest. Along with Aveda product line. And my girlfriend who is 50 and with great skin uses Oil of Olay only. She says anything else is a waste of money. Ask ten women and you will receive 10 different answers.

I was weaned on Clinique (stepmom was one of their first consultants and used to do all the grand openings at the big stores), but their moisturizer was never right for me, especially as I grew older. Plus my dermatologist has it on her shelf with a big red "X" over it. She put me on Kinerase moisturizer and I paid dearly for it. Good stuff, but then! my cousin turned me onto Beauti Control products. Great day and night time moizturizer. I love the stuff. She's a consultant though and I may be bias, plus I receive a discount. I do envision that I will use this for several years, then change again because my needs will be different. Plus, I had skin cancer and am on Retin A forever, so I always have to juggle.

I think that your diet, exercise, and skin care routine is more important than the moisturizer. But I do understand wanting one that fits you. I go by feel and I love how the Beauti Control moisturizers feel on my skin. They absorb, but don't leave a greasy feeling and don't break out my skin. See there. I didn't even provide a link. :)

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After trying many different products I use (box and bottle at left) and find it's perfect for my skin. We don't get the same product here in Spain so I have to buy it in Canada when we go there on holiday. I bring home three bottles with me as a year's supply. I put it on in the morning and again after washing my face during the day.

At night I clean my face with Nivea Visage (Spanish bottle on the right) milky cleanser, or if that's not available a similar product by L'Oreal. Then wash using a facecloth with warm then cool water and don't use any night creams when I go to bed.

My (over-fifty) slightly dry skin stays clear and I don't yet have any wrinkles or crowsfeet.


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For a fun read and rating on all beauty products go to your local library and get the book entitled: Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me.
A real eye opener..price means nada when it comes to what's good. $1 product may work as well as a $50 product. Book rates lipsticks, mascara, facial wash - everything.

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I have been doing Internet searches today for a work-related assignment. I noticed a link to the page below. It is "Best Price On All Physician Recommended Skin Care." I see some offer free product samples.

Here is a link that might be useful: Skin Planet

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