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bedeliaJune 25, 2007

We're invited for a July 4th party which includes a pool. I can't bring myself to be seen in public in a swimsuit. (I will when I'm out of town and no one knows me.) I'm 57, am a size 8 so I'm not overweight - it's the cellulite on my legs. It's gross.

The other women are my age but it doesn't bother them. What can I wear, and not be a stick in the mud? Any ideas?

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How about a suit (tankini) covered with a sarong. You don't necessarily have to take the sarong off and it will hide a multitude of sin. In the event you don't have a sarong, you can easily find one at a discount clothing shop that sells bathing suits, or use a large scarf you already have that matches a suit you have.

Most importantly, if you feel more comfortable in a pair of shorts, wear those. If I were the host I would want you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself.

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You could also wear a capri pant type coverup. I have one in a white linen that is very nice.

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Would one of those little skirted suits help?

If a poll were taken, probably the great majority of women would agree that they don't like being seen in a swimsuit. I certainly would be among them. When I need to wear a suit, I just stay in my beach coverup until just before going in the water, then go in and enjoy it, and as soon as I'm out, the beach coverup is back on me, pronto.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Off to the store today to see what I can find.

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