Dough box

mlfmamaJuly 8, 2012

I just purchased a dough box at Goodwill and I was wondering if anyone had any information they could share with me about its potential age? I believe someone attached legs to it later-on as well as attached the lid and added and then removed a handle... but other than that it is in lovely primitive condition. Any info you might have would be great!

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Need more pictures....
Lots of "faux dough" boxes made for the purpose of "cute furniture"....just like faux cobbler's benches and faux dry sinks and faux commodes.
What do the insides and the bottom look like?
My gut is that it's a 1965 Ethan Allen thing....but I sure could be wrong!
Linda C

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I'm not sure how to post more than one picture at a time. I hear you totally Linda.

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They look like old screws to me.

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The top looks like it could be old....but the hinges are added. And the inside has never seen dough.
Is that board on top one board? Not pieced?
How about a picture of the bottom?
It's not Ethan Allen!!!!

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Yes, the lid is one big piece.

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This is the bottom. Someone attached some legs somewhere along the way, perhaps the same person that attached the lid with those completely inadequate hinges? Can you tell me how you know the box hasn't had dough in it? I am familiar enough with antiques to know it was a dough box and not a "vintage chest" as Goodwill had described, but that is about it with my specific knowledge about dough boxes. Thank you so much for your input.

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A dough box was used to make bread....flour was put into the box, water and yeast added, allowed to ferment, salt added and the bread kneaded and shaped and often allowed to rise on the box lid carried to the oven, where the loaves were placed in and baked.
The box was never washed....perhaps rinsed, but never washed....and the lingering yeast would flavor the next loaves.
The handles were to carry it to where the temperature was best for the dough to rise. Legs or a stand to put it on was necessary to bring it to the right height for easy kneading. Sometimes the dough box was placed on a bench for kneading.
It looks to me that what you have is a very nice hand made repro of a dough box....certainly not made yesterday!
Or perhaps your box was used for dough....and washed out really well....I see evidence of water around the screws on the bottom.
The dough box was used for so many many years, that it would be difficult to date it unless it were decorated in some way as to pinpoint a style that could be placed in time. It's just a basic household necessary piece....sort of like a milk stool.

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