Shoe color help please

DtkatyJune 20, 2003

For my daughters August wedding(Noon ceremony), I'm wearing a bright pink/magenta colored silk crepe suit that fits beautifully. I've changed the buttons out to rhinestone buttons that compliment the platinum silver bridesmaids gowns. The gold buttons that came on it made the suit look a bit to "corporate".

I can't figure out what color shoes to wear with this suit! Black pumps seem to severe & white shoes are out of the question.I was hoping to find pewter colored pumps, but that seems to be a Fall color so that choice isn't available. Dyed shoes to match would not be cost effective.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, I'm "fashion challeneged" & I LOATHE shopping.

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What about a simple bone colored pump or open toed shoe?

You can also get rhinestone clips if you want to add those. The clips can be added to top, side or back. If you don't have the real clips, that have a "tooth" that holds it on, I've used clip on earrings. Clip them on and then put a piece of masking or duct tape over the inside to hold the clip better.

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A friend has just worn an outfit this colour to a wedding. She wore silver shoes and bag and it looked very nice.

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I wore that color with dark taupe colored heels and purse!!!!

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I'd go with a strappy silver heel, and silver purse.

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For daytime I wouldn't wear metallic shoes, but that's just me.

For a crepe, non-shiny suit, I would pick the white shoes that you've ruled out, maybe an open-toed slingback in a matte finish. Pearly white or light, pearly grey in a fabric or leather in a summery style would also look nice without having the corporate feel of a pump.

Is it an indoor wedding or is it outdoors?

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I would also do silver - it doesn't have to be in-your-face metallic. Then you'll have another pair of shoes to wear with other party-type outfits.

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I would either go with bone colored, or something like light beige color, maybe with pearlized color or not.

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Look for a pretty strappy sandle with a nice heel. Go for bone, ivory, or something close to your skin color. A pearly bone is pretty too.

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Chinese Laundry and Mootsies Tootsies both make really sweet silver sandals- it's not a brushed finish, but they both use a 'soft' metallic, so it's more of a sheen than a shine. the Mootises are more comfortable- but I'm a EEE, so a less splayed foot should be fine.

you might also want to consider a nude? I have seen them out there this season, usually in wedge-heel styles.

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this shoe comes in an off white/grey and also a pink tone that might be nice. what heel height do you want and price range?

Here is a link that might be useful: wedding shoe

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I don't know what your budget is...but you maybe able to find dyed shoes at a place like Payless or somewhere. It was a while ago, but I had shoes dyed for a wedding I was in and they were really cheap. Granted, they may be too cheap or in styles you don't like, but you may be able to find something somewhere else. If you're spending money to switch off buttons, etc. I wouldn't rule out dyed shoes. Your dress, to me, is just calling out "matching shoes"!

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the wedding was over 5 years ago and we never heard back !!!!!!

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Oh, for pete's sake, mitch, thanks for catching that. I don't know why people bring up such old posts... no, that's not true, I do know why... generally, it's to try to sell their stuff. I've got to watch that. Thanks. I wonder what shoes she wore!

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that's ok Carla, your intentions were very good !! yes you're right, the spammers resurrect old posts and spam their ugly websites.... this forum gets more than it's fair share, always has.

I do wish this forum would get more bona fide action !!

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