Argan Oil?

Laura_Wolfhart42June 5, 2012

I've been hearing wonders about the Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil for hair. It's supposed to nourish and replenish hair to leave it smooth, shiny and very healthy. It's apparently very light and not greasy like most oils.

Has anyone used it?

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it's a nut oil, similar in consistency to olive or almond oil, and it's used all over the Middle East in the same way that the Pacific Islanders use coconut oil on their hair and skin.

from what I can tell, the 'argan oil' that you see commercialy doesn't actually have much argan oil in it - maybe 20%? along with a laundry list of crap you really don't need.

I've been buying my carrier and essential oils from Camden Gray for years now, and have been impressed with their quality (their return policy is draconian, but warranted, but they also have a generous tester vial policy)

here is another resource - a friend just got back from Morocco, and met the women of this co-op, they're the real deal.

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Personally, I prefer coconut oil. I always have it on hand but caved and bought myself a small bottle of argan oil. The argan oil probably absorbs a bit better but the end result was the same for my skin and hair.

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I can't put any oil on my fine hair because it will go flat and look greasy - even with just a touch. I would go with a keratin cream unless you have very thick and/or coarse hair.

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argon oil is a good source of vitamin E and fatty acids which are essential for the growth of hair. It is the one of the best solutions for all hair problems. I am also using argon oil because of dandruff and hair fall and its results are amazing.

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