Sports Bras for D cups and beyond.

dawn_59June 30, 2006

Some of us are looking for the best sports bras for active runners and tennis players. I am a size D cup and as another woman said on this site we would like something that would keep our "girls" still and smushed. Any ideas for us?

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It has been years and years since I bought new sports bras. The ones I bought in large quantities years ago were Champion jog bras. I love them. I wear them now that I'm a 34D, but they also worked after my daughter was born and I was nursing and a 36E cup. Really keeps them from bouncing up and down.

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I forgot to mention above that I got my sports bras through Road Runner Catalogue. I think Title Nine sports catalogue has a good selection too.

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The absolute best bra for me (40HH) has been the "serious motion control bra". Not cheap at around $65, but the name lives up to its promise. I go mine at Junonia and the tag is so faded I can't read the actual maker.

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Thanks for the advice ladies, I need one bad!

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Finally remembered the maker of the absolutely no bouncing bra.

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Hey Shroppie, I went to the sight and I am absolutley sure you are right. And guess what? There are 5 stores that carry it within running distance ;) from my home. Bless you dear lady. Yes, $65 is a lot of money but I only need one. Right? Thanks for "hooking" me up. This sight is the greatest. Now, let's see what other problems can I solve here.....let me think hmnnnnn.

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Wow! I just checked out the enell site. I'm going to have to try one.

I normally get my DD bras from Fredricks and then when needed where a regular cotton sports bra over the top of the Fredricks bra. So far it has been the only thing that kind of works.

Even then I still have just a little bouncing when I try to jog - which is why I don't jog!

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Glamorise makes a great sports bra. I bought mine online at JC Pennys. I am a 36 DDD. I really like the shaping it gives me and the comfort is amazing.

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