eyeshadow help for those with oily skin

chessyJune 2, 2007

Hi all: I'm a new member -- I often come and read the discussion boards here (mostly kitchen table and home decorating). I was reading the discussion labled "this beauty forum is useless" and though, OK, time to join! LOL!

Anyway, I've got super oily skin and eyeshadow always ends up in my eyelid creases within hours. I've found that Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Potion covered with oil-free powder makes the best base for eyeshadow! It will last nearly all day without creasing! The only place I've found it is at Sephora stores (Sephora's online, too).

At $15 this stuff isn't cheap, but it lasts a long time and and age 47 this is the first product I've ever found that actually worked.

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Thanks for sharing. I have found that certain brands of shadow crease more than others, (Can we say 'Mary Kay' eye shadow), so switching eye shadow brands can sometimes solve the problem. Of course, finding that "just right" shade in another brand can be tough.

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Clinique makes a eyeshadow base that I find works very well for me, it is quite expensive though. It lasts a very long time, I have never actually finished a compact of it before it got "funny". I also tried Mary Kays version of this, does not work as well.

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I swear by Benefit's F.Y...eye!. Macy's carries it. Lasts like 12 hours!

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I've tried both the Clinique product (it got real hard and dry about half way through the container even though I kept the container tightly closed and out of the bathroom humidity) and Benefit's F.Y.Eye. Clinique product didn't help me at all, FYEye was better, but the Urban Decay is tops! (In my humble opinion....)

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