Removing semi-permanent hair color

CatKozJune 23, 2004

I've been using L'Oreal Castings in medium brown for years, Gradually the ends of my hair have gotten too dark so I'd like to "pull" some of the color out. (repeated washing has not faded it at all)

I've tried the Clairol UnColor product and also the Metalex method. Neither has done much to remove the old color.

Supposedly, the color removers for permanent haircoloring don't work on semi-permanent products (Something to do with the difference in the dyes ?)

Does anyone out there know of another way of pulling the old color ?


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I heard Prell Shampoo was strong enough to reduce color.
Next time you color, try coating the ends with some VO-5
in a tube, or vaseline, that way the color won't adhere to the ends and it makes for a more natural color job.

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speaking as a hairdresser, your "old hair" becomes very spongy afer repeated applications of color. you really cannot remove it. the only option is to have your hair trimed to strengthen the ends and get rid of the dark.
the biggest hint i can give you is NOT to color the ends every time you do your roots.
use regular color on you roots only, then add 2x as much shampoo to the rest of the color in the bottle. put that on the rest of your hair for 5 minutes only. rinse and condition.

have a friend or neighbor help you if you have trouble just getting the color on the roots. leave root color on for 15-20 min only. rinse, then apply the color/shampoo combo for the last 5 min.

hope this makes sense, email me if you need more help!


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Thanks for the input. I've given up on removing the old color, and will just keep growing it out and cutting it off. I'll also follow your suggestion for avoiding overcoloring the ends in the future.


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