Septic System Allowance

kelsey_growFebruary 12, 2007


Has anyone on the forum had an allowance for a septic system in their contruction contract? We signed a contract with an allowance for the septic system as it was to be an above-ground engineered system and the engineering was not yet complete at signing. We were told by our GC that when the engineering was complete, that we would be given a price. When the mound went up and the septic system was installed, we assumed we were within our allowance. Over one month later the GC came to us and said the system was going to cost us thousands of dollars more!!! The GC did not send it out for bids once the engineering was complete. When we asked for documentation, we were given a very sketchy "proposal" that was generated weeks after the system was installed! We contend we are not responsible for this extra cost as we were not given any options to reduce the cost. (Take a bathroom out of an out building, have it competitively bid) We do have a real estate lawyer, but would appreciate anyone's comments or similar experiences that they could share. Thanks!

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Try the plumbing forum

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Our allowance was $16000 but final appears closer to $19000

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We had an allowance of 15,000. I believe that our builder had it out for bid before giving us that price. In the contract of course there was a clause that stated about unforeseen circumstances like hitting rock etc.. could increase price. We don't know what the final cost was since he didn't reveal, but obviously we were good. I would look into what happened and why the increase. Sorry, very frustrating. Go with your gut, if it feels shady then it probably is and may not be your last increase if he continues to do things that way. Good Luck

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