Manicure and Pedicure Safety

andre80June 30, 2008

Hi All, I'm trying to do some research and would greatly appreciate your feedback! I have three questions:

1) Are you worried about getting a bacterial infection (or other condition) when visiting a nail salon/spa for a manicure and/or pedicure?

2) If yes to #1, would seeing a "seal of approval" or other sign (provided by an independent testing lab) in the window of the salon make you feel safer about using that salon - especially if you'd never been there before? (or, conversely, if there was no sign or seal displayed, would you consider seeking out another salon?)

3) If yes to #1, if there was a web site you could go to find the hygiene results/ratings (and perhaps reviews) of nail salons in your area, would you use it to help determine which salon to go to?

Thanks, in advance, for any answers you provide. My sincere apologies if this post violates some unwritten forum posting policy.

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I am not too worried about infection, I have watched them clean the foot baths and instruments where I go. However, I do like the idea of a "seal of approval" but I would think anyone could make their own up, it isn't like it is a governmental agency regulating the cleanliness (and even a US governmental seal wouldn't guarantee too much).

I think that a seal would be comforting to some people, but isn't a guarantee.

Good luck with your research!

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I agree with Michelle that I'm not sure that even a Governmental Seal would guarantee much. What I do is purchase my own base & top coats & color (there are only a few colors that look right on me) and bring them to my manicurist to use on me only. My manicurist told me that most bacterial infections are actually spread through using the same brushes. The tools get sanitized after every visit but the brush from your base coat or color just goes right back into the bottle for use on somebody else. I bought two kits. One is from Barielle (nail care products) and the other from tweezer man (tools). The one from Barielle is called 10 Piece Natural Nail Care System (great value for salon quality product but the lacks all the right tools) and you can get all the tools pretty cheap from tweezer man. My manicurist turned me on to both. Barielle's color is actually really nice as well. Hope that helps to some degree!

Here is a link that might be useful: Barielle Nail Care

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Stay away from spa pedicures as they are not very sanitary. Go to a salon that lets you bring your own basinn and tools. I'm still fighting toenail fungus picked up at a salon, unfortunately not sure which one was responsible. My hairdresser says she does not trust any of the pedicurists and their tools from what she has seen. I went to a manicurist for years and never once picked up an infection to any of my fingernails.

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Terrapots, I think you missed the point of the post. Please reread it, it wasn't asking about your toenail fungus.

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i would not trust more with a seal of approval since it,s as much acting on blind faith than not having a seal. you can always ask about their cleaning/disinfecting procedures, but you never know for sure.

over 20 years of getting peds and manicures, i,ve never had infection, I go to upscale salons but I still think it could happen.

I bring my own polish so I can do touch ups, never thought of bringing base coat, good idea.

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QUOTE ~ 1) Are you worried about getting a bacterial infection (or other condition) when visiting a nail salon/spa for a manicure and/or pedicure? ~ QUOTE

These things tell me that toenail fungus is considered in the:




But in response to the original poster's questions: 

1\) I am worried about problems resulting from a manicure/pedicure because when I got my pedicure I got something on my toes that doesn't want to go away. 

2\) A seal of approval doesn't mean that the place will slip up on their sanitary practices between inspections. So I wouldn't trust such a sign. 

3\) N/A
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Our company, Angelfeet Pedicure file, manufactures and distributes a special pedicure file made out of surgical steel, same steel surgeons use for their tools.

It is very sanitizable using oven type cleansers, like autoclaves, to prevent from spreading those infectious diseases on your feet.

visit our website

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I will answer the qusestions asked but need to let you know I am a manicurist at an upscale salon.
#1 No. I don't worry because I know how the manicurists I work with clean not only the spa but their instruments. That being said not everyone cleans according to Government standards.

#2 A seal or other sign does not guarantee your salon is clean. I have had customers tell me they went to a "cheapo" salon (her words not mine) and watched the manicurist put a clean sign on a spa tub she had only wiped out with a towel.

#3 Now about the web site. You can clean a spa before you have it tested but there is no guarantee it is being done after each client. Where I live I have been in the business for 15 years. I have only one time seen someone from State Board.

Not sure there is a straight forward answer to this problem. When you visit the salon look around. What is the general cleanliness of the salon in general? I work on referrals. My clients know table is clean. They see me get clean towels for each client. They see me clean my implements and the spa. We do not take 1 client out of the spa and put another in before it is cleaned properly,which takes a little time.
The requirements for cleaning the spa is posted in my salon and after each client we record that it was cleaned and how. This is available for all our clients if they want to see it.
As far as contamination from polish if that was true State Board would require a separate bottle for each application. There is nothing in writing about this from State Board.
I think we should all be concerned about this situation but I think we can make good choices if we investigate the salon we want to visit.

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This summer I got an infection on the side of my thumb, not sure if it was from getting weekly manicures or from gardening. I let it go and it finally formed a boil-like head. I picked and squeezed (not recommended)and it is now gone. I still get manicures.

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I have never received a manicure or pedicure for the exact reasons you have more...

A seal, maybe if it were regulated by the government, (as a restaurant rating is?), may help. I'm not sure what you mean by an independant testing lab. Of course, the seal would really have to mean something. And, I would also like to see and have access to reviews on line about salons regarding this. I get a little worried about waxing procedures too while we're at it... I wish every customer would get their own new fresh tub of wax. I don't like the bigs tubs that everyone and their grandma (and grandpa) could have used before you.

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